Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Apple a Day...

We tried apples today. BIG HIT. The first bite was a bit of a surprise because it had an unexpected tang to it. Don't be silly, of course I ate some, whatever doubts I might have about eating vegetables, I have none about the fruit. It takes me back to my very short-lived babysitting career in high school when I occasionally watched a set of twin boys who were about a year old. Once I got them in bed, which was pretty early, I'd dive into the baby food. Hey, they were paying me $3 an hour, FOR BOTH BOYS, I figured a jar or three were perks of the job.

Anyways, Sophie really took to the apples after she got past that first bite and was actually sort of closing her mouth around the spoon. The problem we're having is that she isn't really interested in the feeding process and spends most of the time leaned over the side of the Bumbo reaching for everything. I try to gently turn her back to me so we can get back to the business of eating, but my tiny little girl has a grip like a teamster. I don't want to manhandle her back into position, nor do I want to forcibly hold her in place, but how else do you get them to stay focused? Should I hang something in front of her, a la the carrot for Bugs Bunny?

On the teething front, yet another tooth has popped through! And no, it's not one of the front top two, and it's not the corresponding tooth on the other side from the most recent tooth, its on the bottom, below it. So she's even further off kilter now. Argh. I've been doing a teething dance to try to get those middle ones out, but given the current configuration of teeth, I suspect the Tooth Fairy is on some sort of a bender.

We visited Mammom yesterday for a couple of hours and I was optimistic that the time spent playing outdoors would inspire a nice long afternoon nap. Wrong. She dozed off immediately in the car and went down easily for a nap when we got home but woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed just one hour later. The good news is that she almost slept through the night following this day of activity. I say almost because she did wake up once, at around 3:30. Neil and I had both gotten up to go to the bathroom preceding this, though, and its right next to her room, so we might have woken her up. We'll never know for sure what might have happened if we hadn't gotten up. It was definitely nice to get like FIVE hours of sleep in a row. If you'd told me PB (pre-baby) that this would seem like such a luxury, I might have reconsidered this whole procreation thing. Actually, I think people did tell me, I just didn't believe them. Silly me.

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  1. Oh see! I love when people come out of lurkdom to say hello and then I get to come to their blog and see their cute little babies and also that beautiful wedding photo!!! So glad you outted yourself!

    ANd make sure to come back tomorrow when I share more about Emily and let you know how you can win the book! She's actually been emailing me today! Every time I see an email in my box from her I am freaking out!!!

    Thank YOU too SOOOO much for showing yourself to me on my blog!!!!!!


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