Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday

For anyone with thoughts of partaking of all that is Black Friday, here is a website that lists the sales that the big retailers are running. Worth checking out!


  1. Ahhh, there's something so sick about the whole black friday thing that GREATLY appeals to me! LOL.

    I've done most of my shopping online for years now. I am amazed on how good Amazon's prices are right now. But I'm very upset, I shopped through the link on my site and wasn't able to get the 'credit' toward the sales! Arghhh. If I would have known that, I would have shopped through someone elses site.

    There's a whole lot of deals out there due to the fact that the stores have to sell sell sell to not come up in the red next week. And that benefits all of us little people just fine!

    Oh, and don't forget, google coupons when shopping online for extra savings!

  2. thanks for the info. I am not going to be shopping - turning in my invoices late for work means getting paid late. And well, no shopping for me. But I do like to know what I missed. Why do I torture myself?

  3. When I spend Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings, my mom and sisters and I (plus some cousins and my mom's good friend) are Black Friday devotees. We mostly just do it for the fun of it. We are not psychopaths knocking people over for a chance at a deeply discounted GPS system. We just laugh a lot and look forward to our Auntie Anne's.

    We did go nuts at Gymboree last year on Black Friday though, but they have the same deals online I think!


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