Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Top Ten

According to all of the books, naptime is supposed to be productive time for the stay at home mom. This is when she's supposed to get all those things done that are "challenging" when looking after a baby. Obviously, I have a real problem with listening to that advice because here I am blogging when there are about a thousand things that need done around here.

Among the many, many things I should be doing right now while Sophie is napping:

1. Sleep. Sophie is sick right now, so you can imagine what sleep has been like the last couple of days. That's right. Bad. Tragically, I'm so tired I can't sleep. Woe is me.

2. Vacuum. I just watched some show about all the nasties that live in carpet. Why do I do this to myself?

3. Watch that movie from Netflix that I ordered and Neil won't watch with me so it's been sitting on the TV stand for two weeks.

4. Take the last scraps of nail polish off of my toes, leftover from my last pedicure in August. Really, it's only a couple of largish blobs on my big toes and a few smallish blobs on some of the other toes. Eh, it'll come off on it's own by sandal season.

5. Organize my sock drawer. Seriously, it's a disaster. I only wear the top four or five pairs because the rest are jumbled in the bottom. The good news is that I could go like two months without doing laundry and continue to have clean socks. They may not all match, but who's counting.

6. Tile the laundry room. I did the 12x5 area outside the laundry room a few months back before we had the carpet replaced. I stopped at the door, though, so the laundry room is still bare concrete. This one is going on my BIG list of things to do.

7. Sew. Something. Anything. I have a growing collection of sewing projects that I just can't seem to finish. It might help if I knew what I was doing with the damn sewing machine.

8. Get together a Salvation Army Bag. I'm not going to fit into those size 8s anytime soon. Heck, the clothes are already out of style its been so long. Sigh.

9. Create a Photo Album. We have literally thousands of pictures on the computer documenting Sophie's life, but only a dozen or so printed out. What if the computer died? Yes, we have backups, and backups of those backups, but still.

10. Work on this year's holiday card. I create and print my own. Last year's was actually pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I'm so last minute, though, it will probably finally get done around Dec. 22. That's enough time to mail it to 100 people, right?

This is what Sophie was doing while she was supposed to be napping:

What should you be doing right now?


  1. LOL Sophie is just too darn cute!! I remember trying to catch nap time and be productive but I also remember justifying CONSTANTLY that it was ok to just have ME time while the boys napped too.

    As for 'to-do' lists - eeek!

  2. I should be getting my kids out of their highchairs after breakfast, but so long as Elmo's on, I still have a few minutes to read blogs!

    And I love the part bout what Sophie was doing when she should be sleeping. That's hysterical!

  3. I should be showering or vaccuuming or doing laundry. Oh well, there's always the afternoon nap (hopefully).

  4. I think we all have to do lists like yours. Okay, I do. The photo of Sophie is so sweet and was so unexpected! Hilarious.

  5. oh my goodness, you list is just like mine except for the sewing and tiling. But I do the same thing, blog during nap time and then hate myself afterward when I stick to the kitchen floor as I walk.

  6. Vacuuming or doing dishes.

    Sigh :[ I'm so tired of dishes!!

  7. I should be napping -- big dinner date with friends tonight. A late night. Something I'm not really used to much anymore. I should be resting up for the big event.

    I do feel somewhat productive -- the first 30 minute of her nap I was outside raking leaves. I'd say 30 minutes of work is enough for today.

  8. Oh, this entire post made me laugh! Sophie's a doll...

    I STARTED organizing my dvd/video cabinet. All I have to do is the last step... And I'm blogging about it instead. Brilliant!

    Hey, keep on your hubby about Blogher! Does he ever do a guy weekend for himself? Does he have tons of hobbies while you have, well, Mommyhood? (raising my hand on that!) The price evens out in the long run...


  9. Cute post! Shane rarely watches movies I rent, yet he'll sit and hog the tv with old stupid westerns or old B movies.

    I have to get to work on this years cards myself.

    But right now I'm supposed to be putting the final touches on my daughters 16th BDay party which is tonight. lol. I should get going.

  10. Aww, that Sophie...

    Blogging should be high priority. If it's not done by naptime, then naptime is the time to do it!

    I love that organizing your sock drawer made your needs-to-be-done list. Hehe. Just last night I organized my jewelry. It was the only thing that I didn't unpack and put away when I moved 6 MONTHS AGO.

    At least neither you nor Sophie was doing what you were supposed to be doing during naptime. She can't get on your case then.

  11. Again, your list is eerily parallel to one I could compose!

    I never nap when I have the chance and on the days when I really need a nap and promise myself I will take one, there is no opportunity!

  12. Oh - this is funny! Thanks for visiting me in Sweden via BATW.

    I should be doing some translation work - got a deadline looming!

  13. Oh, your lists looks just like mine! BOTH kids are sleeping right now and I haven't gotten dressed, done any laundry, or cleaned anything that needs cleaning (which is s lot), instead, I've been enjoying uninterrupted blogging time... ahhhhhh...

  14. Okay did you just do something different to your layout? Very cool. Did you put a left sidebar in? I don't remember a left sidebar. Ver nice look! You inspire me to spend a day (or week) revamping! lol.

    Looks great!

  15. Hey!
    FYI, In my reader I show a post for land of Bean for "Under Construction", but it doesn't load the page, it shows error, page doesn't exist.

    Odd. Just letting you know, there's a glitch somewhere.

  16. have been more productive than you think! You just made up your to-do list!! (gotta concentrate on the positives:)
    You are one step ahead of me on the socks. We have what's called "the sock basket" in our house. All 6 of us have to go to my closet, and in this HUGE laundry basket I have everyones unmated socks. I at least have color coded them from Hanes' handy color coded socks. My poor children don't know any different~!

  17. Wow. Just reading that list is making me tired!
    I promised myself I'd make albums for x-mas so we have some pics that are not just on the computer. We've done it for family, just not for ourselves.
    That picture is hilarious.
    Just what was she doing?

  18. Oh, honey, my what-I-should-be-doing list is too long. Naptime is my blogging time.


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