Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Do You Do?

This past spring and summer I spent a good deal of time walking at the park. I fell off the walking wagon a couple of months ago, though. I can't say for sure why. I think in part it was because I had been walking several times a week for months and seen absolutely no change when I stepped on the scale. I'm not one to go strictly by weight, though, so with great enthusiasm I took all of my key measurements at the beginning of my foray into the postpartum exercise world. After six months, I hadn't lost an inch. NOT ONE SINGLE INCH. After what was probably hundreds of miles walked, I was in no better shape than before. Talk about disheartening.

But really, that wasn't the point of this post so much as a tangent that I veered off on to explain why I haven't been walking lately. I would like to get back into going more often, even if my behind isn't any smaller for my efforts. Which is why, despite less than ideal weather, Sophie and I were there today.

The park that I go to has a wide, paved, 3/4 mile path that goes around the circumference of the park. People walk and bike in both directions. I will generally walk 3 or 4 laps depending on Sophie's temper, the weather, etc. As I pass each person on my first lap, I smile, make eye contact and say hello. Even as I see people for the second time, I will still look them in the eyes and smile. But what are you supposed to do after that? I pass each person two times each lap, so that could be 8 times for any one person. Am I supposed to continue looking them in the eyes and smiling every time I see them? Although the scenery is pretty, there isn't much to truly distract me from looking straight ahead.

Every time I go, I think about this and I always feel weird. So what do you do when you're approaching someone down a long hallway or sidewalk?

Do you:

A) Look at the them the whole time, smiling. Perhaps a nod when you walk past.

B) Look around awkwardly until the last second and then look up and smile?

C) Never make eye contact or acknowledge their presence, pretending there is something terribly interesting off in the distance.

D) Pretend you just got a text message or phone call.

E) None of the above. You avoid walking down hallways and sidewalks at all costs.

On another note, after walking, we spent a couple of minutes at the playground. Sophie loves the slide and can now go down all by her big girl self. I recorded this video on my phone (which is why it's so grainy) and sent it to Neil, who has been walking around the house saying "Weeeee, Yaaaaay!" ever since. In my defense, it didn't sound goofy at the time, but the more times I see it, the goofier it sounds. Meh.


  1. I usually just smile and nod after the first go round or say something like, we have got to stop meeting like this, people are going to talk. Just silly little stuff really. It helps them to smile back at me.

  2. One of the first things my daughter said was "Wheeeee." They just learned how to slide their big selves last month, though.

    We've started walking too, but I have been bad since last week and haven't been.

  3. OMG--you crack me up! I think about stuff like this though, too. I'm with Shelley--she had a good response!

  4. I'm trying to imagine what a walking wagon would look like. I'm picturing a bottomless wagon pulled by walkers, with the "riders" also walking. My mind can be so distracting!

    I generally look and smile. But if I saw the same people over and over again, I don't know what I'd do. Maybe walk halfway around one direction and then head back, hoping to miss most people?

  5. Cara, I think the same thing when I walk Honeygo. Sometimes I even make a silly face that says, "hi again, see you next round" other times I just stare straight ahead. Depends on my mood.

  6. First of all, start saying Weee, Yayy! to Neil when you see him in the hallway. That'll teach him!
    And actually, that's what you should say to your passing partners too. Be the story that people go home and tell their friends about. Infuse your walk with a little entertainment! ;)

  7. I'll acknowledge them the first couple times, and I wouldn't see them after that, since my body would be screaming GO HOME AND GET ICECREAM by then!

  8. Eye contact with a slight nod or no eye contact. (I change it up depending on mood)

    And that's very frustrating about not having the scale move after all that exercise. I can relate!

  9. that's some skill sophie has going backwards!

    i take the lead from the other person. at work, everyone seems to have a thing. they are either the type that smile at you or pretend not to see you. i just want to get back to my office so i tend to read emails on my blackberry whenever i'm walking the halls so people don't feel the need to make uncomfortable conversations.

  10. Oh Neil and I are gonna have fun at the ski house!

    Weeeeeeeeee, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!


  11. you are so cute. I do the same thing and totally regret it when I see the video. Oh well, we are just cheering on the kids.

    As to your question, I think that you say hi once and then you don't have to look again unless some one speaks to you first.
    But honestly, I am usually one of those that stares off into the distance seemingly deep in thought.

  12. If I see someone approaching, I usually wait until the last sceond to smile and say hi. I don't like the far-off eye contact/wave thing!

  13. When I come across someone on a park path, I smile and then hockey check them into a bush.

    Wheee!!! Yay!!!

  14. At different times I do different things. I'd say smile at them the first or second time then try not to feel uncomfortable just not looking at them the rest of the time...unless they're trying to make eye contact with you for some reason.

  15. I usually just look at Ava. Instead of figuring out what response is appropriate, I just pretend the baby dropped her pacifier, did something cute, needs the sunshade adjusted, etc.

  16. You know, I've wondered about that repeat eye contact thing too. Let me know what you decide. :0

    Yay for going down the slide by herself! So cute!

  17. It depends on the other walkers response on the first go round. If they were a total @$$ and ignored me...then I ignore them back 'cause I'm mature like that!

    I love the video...she's a pro on the slide...let me add my "Wheeee" "Yaaaaay"...see? all Mommys do that!

  18. I love the whee and yay! What else are mommies supposed to say? And I just ignore folks when I am walking after the first time around. We've already done the cordial thing. Enough already!

  19. Stinkin husbands. They don't understand playground speak.

    And I am cracking up over your concern about eye contacting people on paths or hallways!

  20. how cool is that! as for saying hi everytime you pass someone I would just smile at them and move on I think they get that your going around a loop and will not say hi each time. would not worry about it!


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