Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cinco de Poundo

I decided when I started working out that despite my incredibly strong desire to weigh myself every time I went to the gym that I would only weigh myself on the Tuesday of each week. Why Tuesday, you ask. Because that is the day I was first "weighed in." Trying to keep it consistent, y'all. My plan was to work out Monday and Tuesday and then Thursday and Friday. Not surprisingly, life has gotten in the way of that on at least two weeks, however I have still made it in at least four times each week.

So, since I wasn't able to go in on Monday, I went yesterday and today and decided that today would be my weigh day. The result: after one month, I have lost FIVE pounds! I know this isn't like wowee zowee kind of weight loss, but I feel it is a healthy amount. Especially considering I haven't really gone full tilt on the diet side of things. Sure, I've made some changes (trading out low-fat mayo for the good stuff and that sort of thing) and I'm trying to eat less, but truth be told, that is definitely an area that could use more improvement (like maybe cutting out mayo?). One step at a time.

Anyways, Five Pounds! Yay me!

On another completely bizarre note, I woke up this morning with a black tongue. That's right folks, my tongue was BLACK. My first thought was, of course, the PLAGUE. Then I thought maybe it had to do with this new cream my dermatologist had prescribed for my face. In an unfortunate turn of events, my skin has just gone crazy lately. I never really had acne as a teenager, or even really in my twenties. I had breakouts from time to time, but it wasn't something that really bothered me. The last few years though have not been good for me and my skin. It really sucks being 35 and still dealing with pimples. So I go to a dermatologist and he has put me on a couple of different creams that generally do a pretty good job of controlling things. The one I had been using seemed to be less effective lately, so we switched to a new one, which I began yesterday. So, of course, this is what I attribute the black tongue to and I immediately call me derm.

After explaining the situation to him, he tells me this is NOT a side effect and to get myself to my GP stat, black tongues are serious business. I decide to give Dr. Internet a quick go before I wake up the baby from her nap (something I am LOATHE to do) and go racing out to the doctor. Turns out, you get it from Pepto Bismal, which I took last night because my stomach was upset. Has this ever happened to anyone before? It sure as hell hasn't happened to me and I am a longtime PB user.

So today's lessons are: 1) Working out works (guess that explains all of the skinny people at the gym) and 2) A black tongue does not necessarily mean you're dead.


  1. Yikes for the black tongue!

    Yea for the 5 lbs.!

  2. Gave ya some "help" to get to blogher 09! Check out my blogs when ya have a chance...

  3. yay for the five pounds!!!

    When I was pregnant I ate Tums like crazy. They also give you a black tongue...

  4. As I was reading this I was thinking ...Pepto Bismo! Pepto Bismo! I KNEW THIS!!!! Yay Me! (see...I can be handy to have around!)

    5 pounds is GREAT!!! That is a terrific amount! Slow and steady is what I say. You want to keep it off, and you are earning it off the right way. Good for you!

  5. I was going to ask you if you ate some Pepto before bed.....then I finished reading. That freaked me out the first time it happened.

  6. Way to go on the 5 pounds!!!!

    And I would have FREAKED about the tongue! Thank goodness for Dr. Google!

    Tongue is one of those words that looks so weird when you write it...and even weirder the more you start thinking about it!!

  7. Wow, congratulations on your weight loss :] 5 lbs in one month is a fine, healthy amount.

    I haven't had that side effect from PB, but the only time I've taken it recently was when I was in labour. And then I threw it back up anyway. But I would definitely have lost my shit if I had a BLACK TONGUE!

  8. Yay for you!!! Five pounds lighter yeehaw!

    And I hate Pepto so I've never experienced a Bismol-Black tongue. Weird!!

  9. CONGRATS! 5 pounds is awesome! Especially in that you did it the healthy way so you know it's not like 5 lbs of water or something silly like that! GREAT JOB!

    And I've never heard such a bizzare thing as black tongue form Pepto! lol. Are you sure we're not somehow related? ha ha ha

  10. Way to go on the 5 pounds!! Also yes I have had a black tongue from Pepto...I think you are already!

  11. Congrats on the five pounds. I would have wondered if losing that weight somehow turned my tongue black. That, or whether Gene Simmons invaded my body overnight. Oh wait...then it would have also grown about a foot longer as well as turning black.

  12. that is so great that you lost 5lbs. you should be really proud of yourself.

    and I am so glad that in this instance Dr internet worked and told you some correct/useful information and not that your tongue was going to fall off or something equally wrong.

  13. Five pounds is great! That's amazing.

    I woulda freaked out at seeing my tongue black. Pepto Bismol, really? Very weird.

  14. Five pounds . . . you are an inspiration to me!

    I'm so relieved to hear that the black tongue had an easy explanation. I was worried when I read that.

  15. First of all, YAY! Big time YAY, on the five pounds. FIve pounds is A LOT. And I'm glad you don't have the plague. That would really suck.

  16. First, congratulations! Way to go!

    I think I gained 5 lbs last month. I'm pregnant so I know I'm supposed to, but I still am not a big fan of the scale going up.

    And black tongue....the only part of me that's ever turned black is a toe, as a result of an encounter with a can of vegetable soup. That wasn't nearly as disturbing as a black tongue. Yikes!

  17. 5lbs rawks girl! Way to go!!!


    You are lucky that Google said black tongue was Pepto and NOT The Plague. :) I would have been freaked silly to see a black tongue. Blue, red or yellow is good but not black :)

    My skin turned to crap after 35 too. My skin was good before then even though I worked in fast food. Since birthing spwan 5 years ago my skin and hair suck! I feel your pain.

  18. I would have RUN to an ER if I woke up with a black tongue but then again, I am my mother's daughter

  19. WOWEE ZOWEE! Yay you!!

    Yeah, seriously, you'd have to be short an appendage to justify waking sleeping child. Idiot doctor. ;)

  20. Woohoo, congratulations! I have a similar restriction on the scale thing. Wii Fit also tells you to weigh yourself at the same time of day to get consistent monitoring.

    I also take PB regularly, but I switched to the more tolerable chew tabs a few years back.

  21. Way to go on the 5 pounds and more importantly, not being dead!


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