Monday, March 23, 2009

I Have It Bad

I generally don't eat leftovers. It's not that I don't like leftover food, it's just that I get tired of food and don't feel like eating the same thing again until after it has expired.

Last Friday I went out to lunch with a friend and former co-worker. We went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants and I got one of my favorite dishes, the Pane Rotundo, a bread bowl full of shrimp in a creamy, buttery, garlicky sauce. It has about 7 gillion calories and a week's worth of fat. It. Is. So. Good.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish it. I know, I know. Me? Unable to finish a dish? Not possible. But it's true. So I had the waitress box it up, knowing that I probably wouldn't ever eat it, but just in case...

Well, this afternoon I looked in the fridge and thought to myself, "Self, I'm going to eat that leftover Pane Rotundo." So I did. And I enjoyed it. Then I went about my day.

Somewhere around three hours later, I started to feel uncomfortably warm. And then a little clammy. And then a little crampy. And then my mouth started watering, not in the good way. And then the tsunami of nausea hit.

I'll spare you the details of the rest of the day, but suffice it to say that I had to call Neil to come home early to watch the Bean while I spent some quality time in the bathroom praying for a quick death.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll bother bringing the food home with me next time.


  1. I so sorry I am laughing at your expense, but it just came out when you described your mouth watering..not in a good way!
    I am so sorry you are sick. At least you probably got rid of those gazillion calories now???

  2. Oh bless your heart! I'm so sorry. Stomach sick is the worst kind of sick in my book. Let this be a lesson to us all, though. I will be sure to eat my leftovers within 24-40 hours or in the trash it goes. What philosophically sucks is that you were trying to be resourceful and it ended up biting you in the rump!

    Hope you feel better.

  3. OMG! That sucks! lol. That's never happened to me! And I eat LOTS of leftovers. They call to me! ha ha!

    btw, yes, she IS the girl from Clueless. lol

  4. OOO so sorry that really stinks and you were trying to be so good and eat your left overs! I hope you feel better. I know this has totally prevented you from ever eating leftovers again. can't say I've ever had that experience. I think dennis has though.

  5. Oh that is bad, real bad and totally not fair b/c I bet you are now ruined for life on that dish.

  6. Oh man! I am so sorry!!! Are you sure it was the left overs? Something simular was running through our house last week.

  7. Wow that's awful. I sure hope you're feeling better now.

  8. See? You should always finish your plate!

  9. Crack up... Great write up on really saying you're sick. Loved it. Feel better.

  10. I knew there was a reason I don't eat leftovers.

    Feel better :(

  11. So did you spew shrimp out your nose? i did that once. Only it wasn't shrimp. It was chillie. I was only a kid in grade school, but the memories of blowing hamburger out my nose afterward remains quite vivid despite it being about 28 years ago.


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