Friday, March 27, 2009

My Little Houdini

I was awakened yesterday morning, as I am EVERY morning, by the sounds of Sophie in her crib. There were equal parts hollerin', crying and chattering. I rolled over and snuggled up to Neil, praying that she would go back to sleep. Then things went quiet. After a minute of suspicious silence, I grabbed the video monitor to reassure myself that she had gone back to sleep.

When I turned the monitor on, THERE WAS NO SOPHIE!

Despite the fact that her little eyes can't even see over the edge of the rails, she had managed to get out of the crib. I have a picture in my mind of her taking a running start and vaulting over the side like a miniature Olympic athlete. When I opened the door, she was just standing there looking dazed. Not sure if she was stunned from the fall or just amazed that she had gotten herself out.

This is not a development I am especially happy about. I was looking forward to at least a few more months of keeping her safely trapped in her crib. So now I'm forced to get creative on ways to keep her in there.

A few of my ideas:

1. An invisible fence. Sure, she'll have to wear a collar and might get shocked, but she'll learn real fast not to climb out.

2. Pigeon spikes. I'm betting I wouldn't even have to put these bad boys on. I could just show them to her and that would be enough. Scare her straight, so to speak.

3. Laying a screen door over the crib. (This was suggested by my mother, who was evidently kept in her own crib via this slightly inhumane but inventive method. Yeah, we're classy.)

4. Bourbon. For her. Not me. I'm thinking if she's passed out, she's probably not going to be doing much climbing.

5. Two words: Duct tape.**

Any other suggestions?

*Obviously, I am joking about all of these!

**Thank you, Kristi!


  1. Here's what I did when my 10 MONTH OLD DAUGHTER (oldest) kept getting out of her crib: moved her to an actual bed (queen size, believe it or not). I was scared she'd eventually get hurt getting herself out. Big bed that early was a learning curve for all of us, but it DID work.

  2. And what's duck tape? Does PETA know about this?! I would have thought of ducT tape. ;) HA haaaa.

  3. Is there anything duct tape CAN'T do? It is my favorite repair remedy.
    But...sounds like you and I might meet up at IKEA this weekend. (My parents are coming. They LOVE IKEA. I will have a book and snacks. Luckily, lots of places to sit. I'll watch the toddler bed area for you.)

  4. Oh man. Ash stated climbing out of her crib at 13 months old. Addie still doesn't but we are transferring her to a toddler bed next week. Why am I doing that? Hmmm. Good luck!

  5. I bet you had about a heartattack when you saw she wasn't in her crib! OMGOSH! Maybe it scared her enough that she won't try that again for awhile? My older daughter did that.

    Thank goodness Summer is 2 and still does not know how to get out of her crib. It is the glue that is keeping us all sane!

  6. Kristi - Didn't you hear? They're making out of ducks these days! Actually, I'm not a complete doofus:

  7. OMG, you're hysterical! lol! Thanks for a good laugh! I cannot believe that little thing got out! She's so tiny! Houdini? I think maybe!

  8. HA HA HA Sorry but I am laughing {at} you! I vote for duct tape.

    Little J never tried to escape his crib, he was too lazy. Things got crazy when he was in his toddler bed and he realized he could

    Can you set the monitor to 'record' and catch Houdini in the act?

  9. Now that she knows she can get out, I wonder if she'll be more adventurous in trying to get out?

  10. Oh those are great idea, you try and let me know which one works best.

  11. I never joke about bourbon.

    Happy weekend!

    :^) Anna

  12. I'm trying to imagine what I would do if I checked the video monitor and did not see my child in the screen. Eeks.

    I've already given you my 38 cents on crib-jumping solutions over email, but yours all sound like more fun! Keep us posted on the results.

  13. You know what. I never had to deal with that one. We eventually had to abandon the crib at 3 because she was just too big. Must have been scary for you though when she escaped !

  14. WE had the same problem with my baby.

    Only my baby is a puppy

    And her crib is a crate

    And she wound up eating the carpet

    And tearing a hole in the wall.

    Maybe I should have had a kid !

  15. An Invisible Fence is a good idea if you want to keep your dog safe.

  16. OH no! Thankfully, Mekhi has not been able to get out of his crib on his own. I don't know when we are going to set up his toddler bed, I think we will milk the crib for all it is worth! I think this was just a fluke with Sophie. I really doubt it will happen again.

  17. I think you should both drink the bourbon! Why should she get to have all the fun?

  18. OK, my new favorite post from you. Why are you not famous? Mysterious.

    "Bourbon. For her. Not me."
    Girl, that is just good stuff right there. Hilarious!

  19. All I'm gonna say, hun, is "Resistance is futile." The time has, unfortunately come to reverse her door knob so you can lock it from the outside. That way she can quietly play in her room while you sleep. Just make sure no dressers can fall on her and all the outlet covers are secure.

    It's gonna be okay. I promise.

    You make me laugh, girl. I'm so kindred with ya on this one!!!!!!

  20. I hope she doesn't do it again! My sister got this tent thing (from Right Start or some place like that)that velcros and zips around the crib--she had to use if for 2 of her kids!


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