Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Doodie Talk

Sophie has had the poops the last several days. I'm sorry, I know no one wants to hear about it, but when you're spending as much time with it as I am, you become sort of immune to it. In fact, even the word has lost its punch. Poop. Poopie. Shadoobie. Doodie. It's all the same.

An unfortunate consequence of this is that she has also developed a really nasty diaper rash. Believe you me, I have been changing her diaper the minute her little ass puckers up, but evidently not fast enough to prevent the rash. I was using Desitin, but she screamed when I put it on, which keen intuitivist that I am, I took to mean she didn't like it. So I switched to Boudreaux's Butt Paste. She didn't scream when I put it on, but the rash didn't seem to improve either. Now I'm using A & D ointment and that seems to be doing good things.

This afternoon I needed to take a shower, so I put her in her crib while I was in there. If I leave the bathroom door and her door open, I can just see her. Since she would be contained in a relatively, um, mess-proof environment, I decided to follow the advice of a friend and leave her commando while I showered. Give her girliebits some airing out. A dangerous prospect given her digestive issues of late, but I felt reasonably confident we wouldn't have any accidents.

Approximately every 4.2 seconds, I leaned out of the shower to look at her and yell, "Please don't poop!" Praying that she heard (and understood) the DON'T in my entreaty. While it would have made for some great blog fodder (and a really awful mess), I am happy to report that her 15 minutes of commando was a success.

Unfortunately, in my distracted state I'm pretty sure I washed my hair with my husband's Old Spice Hair and Body Wash.

In case you're wondering, it's not right for me.


  1. ooo- I know the helplessness feeling when they scream because it hurts hope it gets better! I know the rash will LOL on the old spice bet you smell really good!!heehee

  2. My kids wouldn've been like, "Poop you say? Don't mind if I do!" GAH.

    I had an old boyfriend who used Old Spice and I still, to this day, can't smell it and not think of him. Wait was that too many negatives or enough negatives? Coffee is still brewing, leave me along...

  3. You might want to try some lotrimin or lamisil on Sophie's behind -- you know, the stuff for jock itch/foot fungus. Sounds weird, but in case it's turned into a yeast infection -- I put it on before some Desitin (the orginal, hard to get off kind) and N's redness usually clears up fast!

  4. I am glad to hear that you were able to take the shower without incident. I hope her little bottom heals quickly. Where in the world do you find these commercials? Hilarious.

  5. We are getting close to potty training so i need to get used to the idea of letting them go commando a little more often. As for the diaper rash, try Triple Paste. That's our diaper drug of choice. Oh and Aquaphor at the first sign of redness and we about dont' need the Triple Paste.

  6. Definately Triple Paste. When Ash was a baby they had to perscribe Triple Paste but now they sell it at Target. It works wonders!

    I am so glad you got a shower!!

  7. During Axel's most recent poop fest, attempts at going commando were foiled. Being bare-assed on a blanket triggered his poop reflex. Maybe it's a boy thing?

    I love A & D. I am also a huge fan of Weleda's calendula diaper cream. It's expensive, but it works. We also do butt dips in the sink post-poop - our doc told us wipes don't get off all the acids, and a little water with a thorough butt-drying will do the trick. It's a bit of a hassle, obviously, but sometimes it seems to help.

  8. Sorry she's got the poops!

    And I am SO glad she listened and didn't poop while you were in the shower! What a good girl?

  9. Your post totally cracked me up, seriously LMAO!!!! I can totally see myself doing just that especially since Jake has a fierce diaper rash and I have been letting him run commando after the bath asking the same thing, please don't poop, please don't poop.

  10. Seriously. Use the advice given above on the anti-fungus cream you would use to treat athelete's foot (or, agehm...jock itch). I've used it a couple times, and it clears things up pretty darn quick.

    Hope things start looking better for you soon!

  11. Poor baby!!! And poor mommy. That's just not any fun at all. Both my girls knew how to sprout champion daiper rashes. Essie's ped made his own stuff - Dr. Bud's Butt Balm... WOW did that stuff work well!!

  12. Uh, diaper rash. I'm glad you find something that works. And good thing it's not Old Spice.....

  13. I was going to recommend Triple Paste--and I see people already have! I'm glad she made it through her commando time without incident!

  14. You've got a real shitty situation on your hands. :) sorry.

    Hope she gets better soon.

    I like old spice. But not for ME, lol.

  15. And this is now my most favorite post from you...because I got all kinds of visuals, big laughs, and could almost smell the Old Spice Hair & Body Wash.

    Good times.

    Oh...and tonight? I will be a slobbering mess. FOR SURE!!!! We will chat tomorrow...oh yes, we will.

  16. Hang in there.
    Z was going through the same thing last week.
    Part of me wished he was potty trained and part of me thought it would be miserable making sure he was making it to the bathroom that frequently.
    It's awful when they get that sick kid diaper rash. You can only imagine how much it hurts!
    Baking soda baths help too if you can keep them in the bath.


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