Thursday, April 2, 2009

I hear the secrets that you keep...Part II

The sleep issues are back. FML. Although she was sleeping through the night like a champ there for a while, since she was sick last month, she has been waking up at least once a night. Not to mention that the doggamned cats wake me up at least once a night as well. It is killing me. I remember now how tired I was for that first year. ALL. THE. TIME.

Last night, she woke up at about 12:30. When I heard her crying, I moaned and sat up in bed. Neil said, "is this the first time?" I said yes. I got up and walked around the bed and looked over as Neil sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

Neil: I'm sorry.

Me: It's not your fault, honey.

Neil: No, it is. I left something running in there.

Me: What?

Neil: I think there is something running in there.

Me: What. Are. You. Talking. About. (Getting scared. Visions of gremlins and ghouls scampering around flit through my overactive imagination.)

Neil: I started a program and I left it running. It probably woke her up.

Me: What? (Still not getting it.)

Neil: I started something on the computer and left it running. I probably woke her up. (Obviously there is no computer in her room, nor one anywhere close to it.)

Me: (Finally realizing that he is talking in his sleep.) ...

Me: You're right, it is your fault.


  1. Haha, "You're right, it is your fault." ... love it!

    I hope the sleep issues work themselves out again soon :(

  2. ooo too funny like the your fault hope it does not last like it is for me but getting down to about 2x's a night
    think it's not knowing how to go back to sleep????

  3. I understand you so well sister! I am the queen mother of sleep issues! Knock on wood, Summer has been doing good for the first time in her life the last couple months, and is the 1st of our 4 to do so, so early. If it is not the children, it is me and my own issues.

    I am so sorry for you!

    Try to take a nap when Sophie does?

    And blame it on Neil.

  4. Darn straight it's his fault!

  5. It is always his fault .. right?

    Is she breaking teeth? Addie had been waking up too and i finaly realized that she is breaking her back molars. Oh joy. She is better now.

    I hope you get some sleep!!

  6. It is always his fault....whether he is awake or not!

  7. Sounds like me an Patrick. Every time he snores, I have to shake him to move his head. The conversation goes like this:

    Me: MOVE your head.

    Pat: huh?

    Elevate your head.


    You're snoring.

    I AM? (shocked sounding)


    I'm snoring?

    Please just ELEVATE your head!

    EVERY. Single. TIME. The same conversation. I am slowly losing my mind....

  8. Crap. Thanks a LOT, mama Bean. Now I have that damn song in my head and I only know that one line. It's like torture with 80's music!

  9. Oh my gosh, that was funny! ha ha ha! :)

    And you're right. It so is his fault. My default.

  10. oops, I forgot to add...DID YOU WATCH Lost last night! Is it getting awesome or WHAT!!!!

  11. LOL! I hope the sleep issues are over quickly!

  12. Is it in the air? CRW has had 3 bad nights in a row this week. And I mean BAD! Which is weird considering he has slept 13 hours straight since Thanksgiving.

  13. Regardless, it is ALWAYS his fault. Just so you know.

  14. I think sleep issues must come and go for at least five years. We suffered through quite a tantrum tonight because Fly didn't want to go to bed. He even almost pushed the floor lamp over!

  15. I love those sleep induced conversations... they're usually so ridiculous.
    I hope you get some sleep soon.
    It's so hard to be running on empty!

  16. I'm glad that you finally conceeded that it was his fault. This morning I was having a dream about the end of the world as we know it, and I was packing before apparently having to go into the woods or something. I realized I forgot a can opener for the food after I woke up, and I think I actually said that out loud as I walked to the bathroom. I can't imagine what else I say...


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