Friday, March 28, 2008

Lunchtime Observations

  • Grilled cheese must be cut in twain to be truly enjoyed. And you must say, "cut in twain" while you're doing it.
  • One slice of cheese is good, two slices, much better.
  • Turning away for just a moment to make googely faces at baby makes a grilled cheese burn.
  • A slightly burnt grilled cheese makes a lot of smoke.
  • When eating a slightly burnt grilled cheese, burnt side up is best.
  • String Cheese must be eaten in strings, somehow it doesn't taste as good in bites.
  • Sophie starts crying after approximately three bites of a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • I can do two "hard" Sudoku puzzles while eating a grilled cheese sandwich, a handful of chips, a string cheese and one pickle spear.
  • I think Sophie might be ready for solid food because she watches me eat like a Jenny Craig customer at a pie eating contest.
  • I'm starting to think the cat likes being squirted with the water bottle because he gets up on the table so much.
  • Whoever said that one cookie is a serving clearly did not like cookies.


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