Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here's Sophie waking up from a nap. We had a little photo shoot since she was looking so cute. I said, "dahhhling, can you give me cautiously happy," and I got the one on the left. And then I said, "now, give me pensive, rrrrrr!" and we got the one on the right.

In the continuing theme of
lists, I thought I would compile all of the nicknames we have for Sophie:
  1. Sophie Bean (given to her by her pinni and still my favorite)
  2. Beaner
  3. Soph
  4. Sophapotamous
  5. Poopasaurus Rex
  6. Stinky McStinkerson (can you guess who gave her this one?)
  7. Poopenstein
  8. Sweet Potea (developed when I kept accidentally blending sweet pea and sweet potato, now it's a thing)
  9. Baby Girl (not very original, I know)
  10. Beanie Baby
  11. Toots (which she does often and loudly)
  12. Sophiekins
No doubt she'll have some trouble figuring out what her real name is. Poor kid.

I loved some of my friends' idea of taking a picture of their kids in the same spot each month. So here she is at 5 months. See her at four months.
She's getting more okay with the camera these days and I can usually get her to smile for at least a couple of pictures. Can you spot her little teefs?


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