Sunday, May 18, 2008

Genus: Pyrus

The solid food adventure continues. Neil gave Sophie pears yesterday while I was out shopping and swears she was so enthusiastic for them that she was craning her neck with a giant open mouth to get to the spoon. Unfortunately, when he got out the pears for a repeat performance for me today, she was less than excited. She spent most of her time wriggling around trying to prevent him from getting that spoon anywhere close to her mouth. Which means there was a lot of pear goo on the rest of her, because he would try to time a surprise spoon attack with the swinging of her head and would miss nine times out of ten. But we continue.

We've slowed down on taking pictures of her while she eats. Although they're always cute, its getting a tad redundant. Basically its the exact same pose in different outfits and with different colored goo around her mouth. So here's a cute one of the bean and her daddy, sans goo.


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