Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happiness is...

...waking up before the baby. husband watching the baby so I can sleep in.

...coming down to a clean kitchen after sleeping in.

...sleeping more than four hours in a row.

...going to the mailbox and finding only the newest People magazine - no bills OR junk mail.

...a full glass of Coca-Cola over ice.

...realizing that I haven't stepped on the scale in a while and when I do, I've lost 5 pounds!!

...getting to the cash register and realizing those absolutely fabulous shoes are an extra 25% off.

...taking two sizes of pants into the dressing room and fitting into the smaller pair.

...seeing my husband cuddling with our daughter.

...when that new recipe turns out better than expected.

...watching the bean sleep.

...that first warm and cold bite of apple pie a la mode. empty laundry basket.

...buying something lite/low fat and discovering it tastes just as good as the leaded version.

...going to sleep with a perfect cool breeze coming in through the open windows.

...seeing my daughter smile.

What is happiness to you?


  1. Your happiness involves a lot of sleep and all things sleep related. Not that I blame ya, sista! Oh, I don't blame you one bit!

  2. Maternal Mirth - I didn't realize what a precious commodity sleep was until I got pregnant. BTW - that four hours in a row thing has only happened twice, maybe, since I was five months pregnant!

  3. Check it out!

  4. I am totally on board with your entire happy list, except that I would be most happy with a fountain Diet Coke over crushed ice and I'll just take the a la mode portion of the apple pie!

  5. This is a wonderful list...and I wish it were my life at this very moment.


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