Saturday, May 3, 2008

Welcome to the Land of Bean

Welcome to the Land of Bean, a magical place inhabited by giants (that's me and Neil - and I mean that relative to the wee-ness of the bean, not the size of our belts, although some might argue that point), mystical creatures (Gomez and Potter - alright, maybe they're not mystical but if I live a hundred years I don't think I'll ever quite understand them) and a beautiful princess named Sophie(no clarification required, of course).

Every day is an adventure here. Today, we had one of our walks around the neighborhood and were accosted by the foul exhortations of two trolls debating whose posterior was in the greatest danger of being assaulted by the other. Despite that, the walk was a glorious trip through the many blooms of the season.

And on that note, I will bid thee good day and many happy returns.


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