Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh, the carnage!

This morning, as most, I was awakened by Sophie's chattering in her crib. Today was on the earlier side at 6am, but bearable because she had only gotten up once during the night, although I had righteously bad dreams that woke me up several times in a cold sweat. What is it with me, I get the chance for a halfway decent night's sleep and my brain is like, psych. So after laying in bed listening to the bean talk for a few minutes to make sure she was up for good and not just moving around before going back to sleep, I got up, put on my slippers and headed in to the nursery.

I was unprepared for the sight that greeted me as I opened the door. I had heard noises during the night (perhaps fueling my bad dreams?), but had attributed them to Sophie knocking around her crib with her lovey that has a rattle in it. Although it is possible some of the noises were caused by this, I have a different suspect for this crime scene.

Sophie doesn't have many stuffed animals yet. She isn't interested in playing with them except as to how well they fit in her mouth. However, she does have a dozen or so that sit, ever so cute, lined up on the bench under the window in her room, awaiting the day when she will love on them. In the past, Gomez has occasionally taken interest in one or the other of them and carried it off, but he has been leaving them alone lately. But something happened last night. Perhaps one of them made a snide comment that Gomez just couldn't ignore, maybe a rude finger gesture. We'll never know how it started because nobody's talking, but I'm fairly sure I know who got the last word. There, spread out all over the floor, were all of Sophie's stuffed animals and dollies. And not in a they-just-got-knocked-over kind of way. There was clear malicious intent to the way the bodies were strewn around, arms and legs akimbo. And in the middle of this carnage sat Gomez, pleased as punch with his night's work.

What surprises me is really not that Gomez attacked, because by all accounts he is a BAD cat. In fact, I speculate that Sophie's first words will be "Gomez, NO!!" What surprises me is that Sophie apparently slept through this melee. Meanwhile, if I accidentally tread on the creaky step, she wakes up, but Gomez had a mad stuffed animal slaughter, literally right next to her, and she sleeps through it. There is no justice.


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