Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Top Ten: A Traveling We Will GoGo

To condense our trip down into a palatable selection, the top ten travel tidbits from the Kansas Trip of Aught Nine:

1. On our way to the airport, we saw cops chasing a bad guy. On foot. It happened about five minutes from our house. We live in a NICE suburban neighborhood. Two cop cars had stopped to talk to the guy, he got spooked or whatever and took off running. The two cops ran after him. We were driving by at exactly the right time to see it happen. At one point he was running right next to our car. It was wild.

2. Once again the "Cara Curse" struck. No matter where I go, I bring bad weather. My parents have threatened to hire me out to farmers in need of rain. Despite weather forecasts in the upper 70s/low 80s, it was quite cool the whole time we were there. So cool, in fact that I had to go buy heavier clothes for Sophie and a cardigan for myself. Which is why she was in the baggy clothes during our croquet match. Her 23 month old body just doesn't fill out 18mo clothes.

3. The GoGo Kidz Travelmate is freaking awesome. Seriously. If you're traveling with a toddler any time soon, you MUST get one. They made life so much easier. Sophie even liked riding in her car seat through the airport.

4. Sophie loves riding in my parent's golf cart. Almost as much as my husband likes driving around in it. So it's a win/win. Too bad neither of them like golf.

5. Grandpas are physically incapable of resisting the wiles of a smiling two year old grand-daughter.

6. While she will violently fight being put into one and climb out within minutes, one of her favorite activities at (IN) my parent's house was being pushed around in her stroller.

7. The flight there was pretty painless. The flight back? Not so much. It's amazing how much noise one tiny little body can make and how loud that will seem in a quiet, dark airplane at 9 o'clock at night.

8. A knee walker will keep a toddler occupied for a surprisingly long time. Like four days. A mother will get tired of pushing a toddler around on a knee walker after about 10 minutes.

9. Amazingly, despite the fact that I ate pretty much everything that came within my reach, including some of the best barbecue anywhere*, I only gained one pound. It seems that vacation calories really don't count. Yay!

10. I have the wingspan of a King Vulture. I'm trying not to read anything into that.

*Add to the Only in a Small Town file: When the rib joint we got carryout bbq from forgot to pack my sandwich, we called up and they brought it out to us. They do NOT deliver, they're just that nice. That's Kansas courtesy, folks.


  1. Really funny! Chuckling thinking of you bent over pushing the knee walker.

    Wingspan of a King Vulture, NTB!

    I need to hear more about this travel mate thing you're talking about. I can't picture it.

    Maybe the stroller fascination will survive the journey home?

  2. I WISH ALL grandpas were incapable of such. Siiigh. Still melancholy over here.

    Glad you had fun! :)

  3. We have a GoGo Kidz Travelmate too. Love it!! We actually used her car seat with it to make a stroller that we then used when we spent the day walking all over Cozumel earlier this year.

  4. I don't know what it is about kids and handicap equiptment, but they are attracted to it like moths to a flame! Summer likes visiting my grandma for the shear fact of getting to play with her walker (it has tennis balls on the the feet you know!), and when Tatum was a baby her favorite thing to do EVER was to drive around in my dad's lap in his wheelchair. Sophie looks pretty cute in grandm's knee cart, lol:)

    You were pretty brave to make the airplane trip with a toddler!
    And you DID get your Cake (aka bbq) and get to eat it too! (and not gain weight, yay!)

  5. You remind me of Judge Joe Brown with the Aught 9, lol.

    OMGorsh on #1! Wow! I love that kinda stuff, lol.

    And my parents also have a golf FUN! Only now they let the kids drive it which freaks me out.

  6. Best picture of you, EVER!

    I want a golf cart. We have a 4-wheeler, but there's just something about a golf cart.

    p.s. Vaca calories do NOT count. Amen.

  7. I can never go on vacation and only gain 1 lb!! You go girl!
    Love the vulture picture but the real question is....and just how far can you fly with that wing span??

  8. All these great photos and all I can do is comment on the Gogo thingy? I guess so... When we flew back from Israel, people looked at us in awe, like we showed them the promise of America. Like we were holding the Statue of Liberty. We didn't tell them this plastic trolley cost almost a hundred bucks, though.

    Your daughter is cute!

  9. So fun! I love that vacation calories don't count!

  10. What's a knee walker?

    I guess you need to start putting the plastic over her face more often in the stroller, eh?


  11. What is that on her head?! I'm assuming some part of the stroller???...

    Shane's grandma used to watch my girls before they started preschool. EVERY day they'd want her to push them in the stroller around the house and yard. Of course, being the indulgent great-grandma, she gave in to their demands.

  12. haha, I like the ending. I hadn't scrolled down to the picture, so I was like wha...? and then the picture. well played:)

  13. Love the vacation wrap up! I wish I had a golf cart to take me everywhere.

  14. i always knew that calories not eaten where one lives don't count

  15. Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Can never go wrong with golf carts and strollers. Wheels in general are a great source of 'keep yourself busy!' lol.

    And btw, I think you make a lovely graceful bird :)

  16. Glad you had a good trip! And yes, it's amazing how loud one child can be on an airplane! I love the GoGo Kidz Travelmate! Wow!


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