Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." ~Franklin P. Jones

As we approach the two year mark as parents, it would not be untrue to say that we learn a little something new every day. Just a few of the lessons we've stumbled upon in recent months:

- Drool doesn't evaporate off of hard surfaces, it just hardens.

- No matter what I make for dinner, she will not want it, even if the day before she ate it like it was manna from heaven.

- My shoulder is her favorite spot to wipe her boogery nose.

- Toddler fingernails grow faster than it would seem humanly possible and are sharper than pterodactyl claws.

- Daylight Savings sure doesn't save me sleep.

- The activities I encourage will occupy her for approximately 14 seconds, ie coloring, puzzles, reading. Those I don't will entertain her endlessly: stacking coins, splashing in the cats' water bowl, pulling books off the shelf.

- If a tail is presented, it can be sure to be pulled. With the expected hissing and growling results.

- A toddler simply can't resist hopping out of the car cart for an impromptu dance to the grocery store muzak version of Can't Touch This.

- The full sized playground equipment is scary as hell for the mother of an adventurous toddler.

- An adult butt does not fit especially well down the kids' slide.

- Bathtime is an invitation to pee in the tub.

- If she's grunting, good things are not coming.

PS - I've been nominated for a Mobbie! You can vote once a day for one blog in each category (I'm nominated as a Family Blog) as well as for Best Overall Blog so please vote as often as you can.

Also, please vote for my friend John Waire in the Photography category. He is a super cool guy and his photos are absolutely gorgeous.


  1. If she's grunting, good things are not coming.

    And smells are soon to follow. LOL!!

  2. LOL at the grunting. It is so true :)

    And I agree 100% with you on the fingernails. I don't even put my clippers away anymore.

  3. What is it with kids' fingernails?! It's awful. And I don't know about yours, but mine hated getting their nails trimmed. NOT a good time!

    Voted for you again today! Good luck!

  4. And you thought you would be teaching her, lol!

    (I am hoping the cats are declawed??)

  5. I spent a weekend with a two year old. Thank goodness I had your blog to prepare me! It's shall we say, an "interesting" age...and makes raising a teenager look easy!

  6. Good lessons. I gotta meet this kid. She makes me want to pinch her cheeks and give her candy.

  7. The first thing my kiddos do in the tub is pee...what is that about?

  8. I sooo need to use that quote in a post I've got drafted...

    Kids sure do make life interesting, don't they?

  9. Cute post there! Love the adult butt one, lol
    going 2 vote now

  10. Congrats on getting nominated...we're around Baltimore too! I voted for you, but I want to get nominated next year! Haha...always a competitor!

  11. Hey, are you going to the Mobbies reception on the 14th?

  12. I have discovered that the bathmat is the best place for pee. You know, right NEXT to the potty.

    I frequently realize my shirt has been used as a tissue in the middle of coffee shops or meetings or church. Boogers are quite the accessory.

  13. Love all of these lessons, but especially related to shoulder booger spot, toddler claws, and the hell that is full-sized playground equipment (so many drop offs).

    Go Bean Go -- Win your Mommy a Mobbie!

  14. Thanks for voting for us! Back at ya!! Your little bean is adorable, too! Chris Ann & Kristin


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