Thursday, September 24, 2009

Funny Word Verification 2

And the hits just keep on coming! My beloved (snark!) word verification has given me a whole new round of fun words to play with.

Zatenat - (at the buffet) I want zatenat but nunuvat.

Boido - It's like Playdo, only it's made of boys. OR A young hobbit.

Paltrog - If Gwyneth and a toad made a baby.

Antless - Something our kitchen is maddeningly NOT for at least four weeks at the beginning of every summer.

Throusi - (on the golf course) Do you mind if we just play throusi?

Debackin -I wish I could wear those jeans, but I just can't fit debackin.

Sherfie - The heavily clothed little men that lead you up the mountain?

Kringlasm - I won't get too dirty here, but it's something that happens at the North Pole when Santa and the missus are feeling frisky.

Shots - Yes, please!


  1. WIN WIN WIN!!!!

    You are so brilliant at this...

    "Throusi?" I laughed out loud.
    "Debackin." I live this every day.
    "Kringlasm?" totally went there. And now I'm picturing the North Pole Nookie. Ew.
    You're hilarious.

  2. I love this! You are amazing! Have you ever The Meaning of Liff? You totally should... by Douglas Adams. ( Hilarious!

    These 3 are my favourites that you invented: Zatenat, Boido, and Debackin. I cannot debackin so many of my pants!

  3. That's what I said to Love Muffin last night - Mind if I play throusi?"

  4. Yes today, I could totally use some Shots and lots of them!

  5. have just devirginized Santa in my mind....thankyouverymuch! Ewww!

  6. I'll be back when I get my screen cleaned off cause I just sprayed diet mt dew ALL over it.

  7. OKay, my thought is that you bring a list of these to EE and we could really have a blast making up definitions.

    You will win, hands down. I loved everyone of these. Boido needs to be marketed to the investors on Shark Tank. Can you see that one on QVC?

  8. Oh MY GROSH. You are hilarious. Sorry, but you are soooo funny. You couldn't possibly be twenty something and be this funny. Dead give away.

    You're a riot. Debackin.

  10. ha ha - I got monster last night


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