Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All Thumbs

I'm borrowing a theme from my friend Mep while she is away on vacation. Here are a few things that have me smiling. And a few that have left me shaking my head.

Thumbs up:
- We bought Mary Poppins this weekend. I was afraid that it would be too low-tech and old-fashionedy for our high tech daughter but she loves it as much as I do. I'm delighted to introduce a new generation to its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious goodness.

- I can't say enough just how much I love my iPhone. So much in fact, that it worries me a little.

- Chocolate Chex Mix. Have you tried this? It is absolutely divine. When I bought the bag I immediately divvied it up into the listed number of servings and put them in little snack baggies. Otherwise I would have eaten the whole bag all in one sitting and my diet would have been shot. How's that for self control?! (she says as she breaks her arm patting herself on the back)

- SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in a couple of weeks! Right here in Baltimore! Can't wait to see some of my favorite bloggers!

- Getting rid of a pair of jeans because they're just too big!

- That feeling when the the countdown timer on the treadmill/arc trainer/elliptical hits one minute and I get that last little surge of energy to push through those last 60 seconds.

- My birthday next week. Another year older. But it happens to be my monthly Hon Night dinner that very day, so I can pretend it's actually a birthday party all for me!

Thumbs down:
- The replaying of the Georgian luger's awful accident by NBC over and over and over again. I'm appalled by it. That poor man's family. It's just the worst kind of sensationalistic television and it makes me sick.

- I have to go to the lady doctor today. 'Nuff said.

- Not having Mary Poppins ability to snap and the house cleans itself. Sigh.

- The number of calories in Qdoba's Mexican Gumbo. This is one of my favorite dishes and I confess to thinking that while it was probably not a low-cal option, I didn't think it would be WORSE than a Big Mac meal. Wrong.

- I put a screen protector on my iPhone. It is a thin piece of adhesive plastic that is exactly the size of the touchscreen and must be VERY carefully placed. I managed to get it on there just right, but I got a little speck of something on the adhesive side and now there is a small bubble. There is no peeling it back and removing the speck, it will only make things worse. We learned that the hard way. It. drives. me. crazy.

What gets your thumbs up or thumbs down these days?

Have you stopped into BlogTrotting today? We're visiting a great blogger on a wonderful tour!


  1. Thumbs up to having my meals planned for the entire week, and having not one kid complain about their dinner for two nights in a row! THAT is an accomplishment!

    Thumbs down to snow snow and more snow. We now have two feet on the ground here, breaking records. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I also know you get what I'm feeling. At this point, my kids will be going to school until July to make up for all these snow days.

    Sophie loves Mary Poppins? That's awesome. You should get the soundtrack for her room/your car!

  2. I plugged my ears and closed my eyes on the Qdoba part. I love me some Qboda!!!!
    Good luck at the lady doctor, yuck.
    I love Mary Poppins! Wish I had the snap too, lol.

  3. must let me know how Bloggy Boot Camp goes! (I just designed their site;)

    Funny you should mention a free zoo on Blog Trotting;)

  4. Have fun at Bloggy Boot Camp! How awesome! Please say you'll come to BlogHer... I have to meet you!!! And next time I'm in D.C., we're hooking up, too!

    Thumbs up for me: Just happiness with my children, seeing them playing together nicely which is sort of a new thing!

    Thumbs down for me: Winter is just dragging on and on! And I've gained some weight since Florida! And I have too much work to do!

  5. I didn't realize how much I rely on my iPhone until we lost power last week in the snowstorm. I wouldn't have been able to buy my rehearsal dinner dress without it. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

    Bob Costas promised they wouldn't show that accident anymore, but it was only after they showed it like 600 times. I wish they would show a little more respect to that poor guy's family.

  6. Ms. Poppins is a thumbs up for us too.

    "Tuppens a bag" was joke that T thought was hilarious for most of his third year.

    Not being able to snap my house back into order is a definite Thumbs down.

    Happy early birthday!

  7. Happy birthday a little early!

    I am sorry about Qdoba. There is not one anywhere close to here...but I understand the sentiment. Have you looked at those "Eat this not that" books?

    Thumbs up for me: LOST last night, finishing "Pillars of the Earth" - and it was sooo good, and finally getting organized enough to leave 6 bags of donated clothes outside for a group to pick up!

  8. I liked this.

    And Qudoba..... yum!

  9. Thumbs up to great doctors check ups for all three childrens.

    Thumbs up for Eat More Chiken

    Thumbs down for the stupid idiot people on the interstate that drive 60 in the fast lane.

    Thumbs down to the stupid idiot people who don't use turn signals.

    I like your thumbs up better than mine.

  10. Sounds like some of your "thumbs downs" could be cured with a spoonful of sugar ... or Chocolate Chex. =>

    Except for the iPhone speck. It would definitely take the whole box of Chex to make that better.

  11. I haven't heard about the thumbs up and down before. Fun post! I love that Chex Mix and Mary Poppins too. How I wish we could just snap our fingers to fix things. Very excited for SITS bloggy camp and can't wait to meet you.

  12. Thumbs Up:
    Mary Poppins! I should see if my kids like that movie.

    Thumbs Down:
    The fact that I've never had Qdoba. There's one in Chicago that I know of, but the parking situation is abysmal right around there.

  13. Thanks for the birthday love! And yours is right around the corner! How will you be celebrating? I still haven't decided about boot camp, but I'd really like to work it out. Oh, and Chris Ann and I are headed to Blogher in August. Are you going?

  14. Thumbs up this week to good potty training (it's been a long road) ... Thumbs down to she wants to sleep in her big girl bed.


    Don't they stay in a crib until atleast kindergarten???

  15. I love Mary Poppins! It's eternally awesome.

    oooh, a blog camp? Maybe I should try to make it to that, since I won't make it to Blogher this year :-(

  16. LOVE Mary Poppins and so do all of my kids! (I think it's a Julie Andrews thing, because they all love Sound of Music too!)

    I'm very excited about Bloggy Bootcamp and looking forward to meeting you soon!

  17. Oooh, I have one of those protectors on my iTouch. Did it come in a 2 pack? That would totally drive me bonkers too.

    Hooray for getting rid of the jeans! I think that calls for an immediate replacement :)

    Now...I need to go find me some Chocolate Chex Mix!

  18. Getting rid of jeans! Woo-hoo! I love your trick of dividing up the bag into serving sizes. Brilliant.


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