Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am an avid crossword puzzler. One of my favorite things from my old job was doing the New York Times crossword every day at lunch. Monday through Wednesday we did them individually and raced to be the first one done. Thursday and Friday, we worked in teams.

I was a Jeopardy addict for many, many years. I even had a Playstation version that I won't tell how many hours I spent playing.

After Sophie was born, I spent a great number of hours doing sudoku puzzles. There were books littered all over the house, half-filled or all but a few done, those that I couldn't quite finish, but wouldn't give up on.

These are all part of a greater love for pushing my brain. I don't do the crossword or sudoku much anymore and I haven't watched Jeopardy regularly in quite a while, but I do still love brain teasers.

These days, I typically find my intellectual diversions on the computer screen. Thank goodness for the internet. And I have just found one heck of a diversion. Sporcle. From Pixar movies to US States to TV nicknames. There are hundreds of quizzes.

I dare you not to spend an hour on there.

**Before you do, though, head on over to BlogTrotting, we're on a great tour today! **


  1. Yup, addictive.

    I had a thing for online Scrabble for awhile. I thought I was good, until I entered into the world of cutthroat internet word freaks.

  2. Alas, my brain doesn't get much of a push these days either, but I gotta have my Jumble. Especially the Sunday one!

  3. HA! Did you ever play
    ??? I got everyone in our house addicted to this a couple years ago! You can choose from different games related to geography.

    It's insane!

  4. More power to you on the whole brain teaser thing. I can't stand them.

  5. I'm not much of a puzzler, though my brain could surely use that kind of stimulation! I'll check out sporcle.

    When Bub was a baby and I was letting him cry it out a bit, I used to work sodoku puzzles while he cried as a distraction (or I would read positive reviews on Amazon of whatever sleep book I was trying to use at the time). Fond memories. Not.

  6. I love the crosswords, the Sudoku, not so much (cause I'm not any good at it). I love the Jeopardy, but don't seem to have any time for it anymore. Now, I'm gonna hav to accept your dare and go visit this cracksite called Sporcle. Thanks Cara, I need something else to be addicted to.
    Have a great week.

  7. NO...I can't spend any more time on my computer!

  8. Oh geez. Really? Like I need another way to restlessly search for meaning on my computer screen? And not have anything to show for it?
    You know I'm going to love it, though. Do you know I used to coach the Academic Team? (ie quizbowl?) Dooork!
    Alex Trebek? I've rewritten and rehearsed my little banter with him when I finally get on the show probably a million times.

  9. Oh gosh I will NOT go there or my day will be completely worthless. Honestly I will spend the DAY there.


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