Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Wonderings

- I hung this on my door just before the blizzard of 2009 and since it's been up, we've had crazy snow. We got another six inches last night! I'm not going to say I have control over meteorological conditions, but you do the math. (Click on it for a larger image. It says Let It Snow.) ALERT: I just saw that we're supposed to get up to two feet later this week. YOWZA!

- I crossed down into a new 10s in my weight. I'm at my lowest since mid-2006 or so. I even squeezed my skinny ass into one of my pre-PRE-pregnancy jean skirts the other day. I'm like a supermodel or something.

- I just finished The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Loved. It. Go get it. Now. You're welcome.

- Speaking of help, Sophie's new thing is yelling out "HELP!" when we take her away from something she wants to be doing. Which is kinda funny at home but not so much when I'm trying to wrangle her on my way out of a store. While my fellow customers contemplate calling social services.

- I made "Greek" spaghetti and meatballs last night, which by the time I got done modifying it was not very Greek (I used spaghetti instead of orzo and beef instead of lamb), but who's counting. Anyhoo. Neil was raving about it until I told him the secret ingredient in the meatballs: cinnamon. Then he was like, "I don't know, it tastes so CINNAMON-Y. Can't we just have regular spaghetti and meatballs." Note to self: Next time, SHUT UP. Do not mention the something unusual about the food.

- Did y'all watch Lost last night? Are you as confused as I am? 15 episodes left. I am sad for it to be over, it's good TV, but I am READY to understand what the hell has been going on for the last six years.

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  1. I really liked The Help also! Snow is long as I'm home.

  2. hey there! thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

    woah, that's TOO MUCH SNOW FOR ME! i couldn't handle it, we're a tropical family in this household...

    congrats on your jeans!!!

    i enjoyed the second half of LOST last night, i needed to get through the first hour of recap/messy relationship stuff... and then getting down to the smokey nitty gritty... goooood times. i am sad and happy all at once!

  3. Lol! One of my boys did the "Help" thing :) It got to be NOT funny..

    You GO girl, on the weight!!! I told you, you are looking good! Everyone hits platau's, but once you ride them out..BAM! It starts shaving off again!!

    You and your mad voodoo snow skills can keep them that a way :) I'm so happy you're enjoying them! I'm so happy I'm not!

  4. If you are having this weather too, you must be near me. Isn't it great!? Getting out of the parking lot of my apartment complex was a little dicey this morning, but I still love it. :)

    Hold on wait...what's this about 2 feet?

  5. I LOVED the book "THe Help" It is totally fabulous.

    And congrats on the weight loss. THat is awesome.

  6. You'll be shaking that skinny ass all over Tennessee come November, and we'll be all like, who's that sexy girl from Maryland?

    I have learned to NEVER tell Joe the secret ingredients. He hates sour cream, and I use it all the time! What they don't know won't hurt them...

    LOVED Lost last night. When Sayid rose from the dead? Goosebumps all over, I'm telling you. I'm still confused, but I love it!

  7. You totally ARE a supermodel! :) Great job!!

    LOST! ? I know! OMG! I'm thinkin it's some type of parallel lives thing. I don't know. Confused as hell! lol. And WHY did they make that Juliet die AGAIN! As IF it wasn't completely so sad last time! worked. That's what she said. So then what? I guess we'll have to wait again. The black smoke...and the fake Locke...that would be the guy who was sitting with young Jacob when the pirate ship type looking ship was in the distance...correct? The one who said he wanted to kill Jacob?

  8. Pre-pregnancy jeans? Damn girl, you rock.

    I loved The Help as well. So good.

    Thanks for linking to the recipe. I'll give it a try without mentioning cinnamon to hubby!

  9. You are so funny! I LOVE it.

    The Help thing is ADORABLE!

    And WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to you about the pre-pregnancy jeans, you superstar model! I'm so impressed. I lost weight for my wedding, and now I've gained it all back. UGHHH. Not cool. My dieting is going to start soon...very soon...just not today.

    I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I just emailed you. I would LOVE to for Friday, but if you already have someone, I totally understand. Just let me know! And please, tell me your secret for staying so on top of things!!

  10. Don't judge me for wanting to beat you over the head with your "let it snow" decoration ;)

    Lost = lost

    The help is great.

    Never tell them the secret ingredient!!!

  11. Well, goodness golly (as my grannie would say), take down the snowmen! You can't be snowed in; you've got some "skinny shopping" to do!

  12. -Congrats on the weight loss

    -Ha Ha Ha about Sophie's cry for help.

    -I hear ya about husbands and their comments on our cooking. Ryan is a good sport, but I can't get too creative with recipes. He would have had the same reaction as Neil.

    -Had fun today... Hope to see you on Friday.

  13. I don't watch Lost. I watched three episodes way back when it first came on. But I got so "lost", (pun intended), that I could not keep up, so I quit watching.
    I would love to see your face when Sophie yells HELP in a store. (I'm only laughing cause I been there).
    Waiting on my MIL to finish the Help so I can read it.
    Congrats on the weight loss. I however, must have found what you lost.
    Glad the snow is with you. Hope that you all are well.

  14. Cara you go girl!!!
    And true story, I put cinnamon in place of chili powder in chili one day....oh yeah, you could taste it really well and it was sooooo not good...hubby ate it anyway, LOL!

  15. Way to go with the weight loss!!! I'm trying to get back on the bandwagon!!

  16. finished "the help" last week. Finishing A beautiful boy" now. Hate not having a great book.

  17. I'm over the snow. Ready for spring.

    I tried a new meatloaf recipe once... not much different than the one I usually use, except it called for adding brown sugar to the ketchup on top. Shane had finished his plate when I mentioned the brown sugar. That's when he said he didn't like it.

  18. Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome. I cannot tell you how much I miss skinny jeans.

    And so sorry about the snow. I am definitely counting down the days until Spring.

  19. lol, I thought this post looked familiar, duh! That's what happens after 40, ha ha ha!

    Your STOP story reminds me of when Kaylee was 3 and layed down in the middle of the mall screaming'You can't MAKE me go... YOUR NOT my MOTHER!!!.

    She didn't want to leave. lol

    Sohpies such a cutie. It's so hard to yell or get mad when they're so darned cute. :)

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  21. Are you as sad as me that you waited so long to read The Help?
    You rock with the weight loss. Keep going!
    I am so making that spaghetti, even though one of the recipes J. complains about the most was this cinnamon chicken someone made us after I had O. He loves this kofta I make though, which seems like it has similar ingredients. And do I have to tell you that one of secret ingredients of Cincinnati chili is cinnamon? Add that to your blogtrotting facts!


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