Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dirty Feet and Numb Fingers

I'm in the throes of preparation for Neil's graduation party on Saturday. He finally completed his master's degree, so celebration is in order. He actually finished classes last month, but he didn't walk the stage and summer schedules being what they are, this was the soonest we could do it.

It's an afternoon barbecue affair, so it's a kid-friendly event. We've got a kiddie bounce house, kiddie pools, slip and slide and toys galore. But it's also a celebration for the adults so there will be copious quantities of adult beverages, which also helps to tolerate the kids running around like lunatics.

Most of this week has been dedicated to getting a bunch of little projects done. Stuff that we've been living with for a while, but kept putting off doing. Stuff I don't want 50 of our closest friends to see because I know I'd be like, dude, did you see the lattice on their porch? Falling apart. Yep. Traaa-shy.* I spent three hours yesterday power washing and spray painting our patio furniture because I left it uncovered for two winters and it was a little lot worse for the wear. Of course, now the tip of my pointer finger is completely numb because like a doofenschmirtz I didn't get one of those spray paint guns. To avert the gangrene I am sure is imminent, I went out and bought one last night, so I can finish the job today without losing a digit.

Sooo, I should be getting back to my work. I bought a bunch of plants and stuff last night (During a marathon, child-free Lowe's visit. It. was. heaven.) and I need to pot them so people think I have a green (not numb) thumb. Keep your fingers crossed the weather holds out for us.

*Just kidding, I'm not that bad.**

**Yes, I am.***

***No one is ever going to invite me over again, are they?


  1. Congrats to Neil! Jeff finishes his apprenticeship program in December. It's been a long time a-coming!

    Sounds like fun will be had by all, regardless of how many fingers anyone has! =)

  2. Congrats to your hubby! That is wonderful. And it sounds like you're going to have one hell of an awesome party - for the kids and adults, too :) Good luck with all the work you have to do! Don't work tooo hard! ;)

  3. That party sounds like a blast! I love how you include child-tolerating beverages.

  4. Congrats!! I didn't get a party when I got my degree. Oh. Wait. I know why. I didn't finish my dissertation.

  5. What an accomplishment! Sounds like a great party for everyone!

    Can't wait to see some pics!

  6. Oh, the house prep for a party. It's exhausting. And then you have to clean up after everyone leaves too.

    But I'd still want to come. Just for the Slip n Slide alone! ;)

    Congrats to Neil!!!

  7. Oooo how fun a party. I hope all goes well.

  8. Oh guys are going to have so much fun. Kiddy bounces are the best!

  9. I hope it is a fabulous day and celebration!!!!!!

  10. this is why I never throw a party. Too much prep work

  11. Congrats to Neil!

    Good luck getting things ready. I'd totally invite you over, even if your lattice is trashy.

  12. Congratulations to Neil! Good luck with all the preparations. Growing up we called the days and then final hours of cleaning, cooking, list-making, and unreasonable anxiety (on my mom's part) leading up to hosting something at our house "party patrol." Why is mom acting crazy? Party patrol.

    I now go into party patrol mode as well and it drives my husband nuts.

  13. Congratulations to your husband, and to you for making it through your marathon housecleaning/gardening/booze shopping. And I would totally love to have you over even if your lattice is falling apart because my stained carpet HAS to be in worse shape than your lattice. But I have to ask, can I have your permission to add doofenschmirtz to my vocabulary? That is one awesome word.

  14. How funny, funny post. I think we all do the same thing for party prep. Sometimes having a party is good because things actually get done. lol.

    Hope the weather held out and ya had a great day! Give Neal a big CONGRATS from me please.

  15. Congratulations, Neil! I hope the party was a blast.

  16. Congrats to NEIL! And to you for accomplishing so much.

    Now please head in my direction and help me accomplish stuff.

    Yes, I'm totally serious.

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