Tuesday, January 12, 2010


One week into counting calories and I am down four pounds. Do I rock or what? The Loser Moms contest technically started yesterday, so I'm not counting those towards that, but still. Four pounds is four pounds. I don't expect to have those kinds of results indefinitely, but if I could even maintain half that, it would be so awesome. And truthfully, I don't feel like I'm denying myself and I don't feel hungry. I even had one day where I completely fell down.

I went to see Avatar. Again. This time in Imax 3D. That would be the second time, btw. This is the first time I've seen a movie twice in the theater since I was maybe 15. It is just so visually amazing. And Sam Worthington is so dreamy. Sigh. I went with my best friend (also her second time) and when we walked out we were both like I want to see it AGAIN! And I might. So that day, during the movie, I had a giant Dr. Pepper, Whoppers, Gummy Bears AND nachos with cheese. Roughly half of my daily calories in one sitting. Later, because I was weak and lazy, we ordered pizza. I ate three pieces and 1/3 of an order of Cinnastix. That meal was more than half my daily calories in one sitting. Well done, Cara.

Despite that, staying on track the rest of the week showed results. No surprise there, turns out it was my consumption that was slowing my weight loss down. Now, I just have to keep it up. I have a little notebook that I am writing everything down in. (Here's an irony, the notebook is called the "fat l'il notebook.") I'm staying strong. I have two motivators. First is the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in March and second is the Biggest Loser Moms prize money. I want it. I want it bad.

Eye on the prize.


  1. you know what? one day a week of not great eating is healthy, believe it or not. Okay, perhaps one need not do the gummy bears, whoppers and nachos but still, some is still okay. I'm proud of you.

  2. Woo Hoo!

    I want to see Avatar, just haven't found anyone to go with:( Perhaps I'll have to buck up and go alone;)

  3. I want to see Avatar again, too! I loved it! I don't know if I could handle 3D, though. I get motion sickness very easily (just think Lula's driving and you'll know what I mean).

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I have about 8 pounds that I want to get rid of, and it is stubbornly holding on to my abs and my butt. To the gym I go.

    Wish I was coming to Bloggy Boot Camp...

  4. Woohoo! Four pounds is a great start.

    I found it really does help to write everything down. I did that during my FBD days and was amazed how quickly the calories added up.

  5. Wow, thats great!
    You are rockin' that scale!

  6. 4lbs!!! Wow, that is awesome!!! You go girl!

  7. My bff's hubby said Avatar is the best movie he's ever seen. Is it? My hubby really wants to see it.
    Congratulations on losing 4 lbs! I think I have gained that and more and I still haven't made it back to the gym.

    Oh and here's one for your "word verification" posts: the word is "splarm". Ok, work your magic.

  8. You do rock! Just curious, do you watch The Biggest Loser? If not, you should because it's totally inspiring. Second episode of the new season airs tonight.

    Keep up the good work. Good to know that loss can continue even with an "off" day! Gives me hope.

  9. I've lost 2 pounds this week...
    but it's from being stuck indoors and not going out to eat.

    HEY--that's the ticket. I stay home, eat Lean Cuisine and not Quarter Pounders.

    Dude. I'm onto something.

    p.s. Avatar twice? Girl...you got it bad. In other news, Caprica begins soon. Wooooooo!

  10. You rock. You rock hard! But I still can't bring myself to call you the biggest loser. Doesn't seem right somehow....

  11. Congrats on the pound loss - wow!

    And (personal recommendation) see UP IN THE AIR! The best movie I've seen in a loooong time. IMHO

    Thanks for the thumbs-up, BTW!

    :-D Anna

  12. Why, yes... you do rock.

    But we already knew that.

    4lbs is an awesome start, my friend!

  13. Wow! Twice at the theater! Must be great!

    Congrats on your four! That is terrific Cara! What a wonderful start! Yea you!

  14. Way to go! You are totally awesome! 4 pounds! I always do super good until I get home from work and am making supper. I don't know what comes over me then... Way to go though. That is just AWESOME!

  15. Wow! That is wonderful! Sounds like you are doing a great job with this.

    And now I really want to see Avatar.

  16. Nice Job!
    That's hard work, but it does feel good. Just go easy on yourself when you peak. I can't get those last 10 pounds, but then I'm also not willing to deprive myself. It's all about moderation ( and the occasional splurge ;)

    Z wants to see Avatar. My husband keeps waffling, I say he has to be at least 6, but I haven't seen it yet.

  17. Awesome job Cara! I am working my way back down through holiday gains. At least I am moving in the right direction again!

    And we went to see Avatar this weekend. Not Imax, but 3D. It was AWESOME. LOVED it. And yeah, love me some Sam Worthington!


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