Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It took months and months and months to finally make it happen.

We went back and forth. Do we need it? Would something else work just as well or better? Can we justify the extra expense? Would we become addicts?

In the end, we decided to go to the store and take a real, live look. A test drive, if you will. It took all of about fourteen seconds and we were sold.

Meet Lucille: the gorgeous new red-head in my life. My iPhone.

I great, big, puffy-heart love her. She does everything I ever dreamed of a phone doing. And more. I'm burning the battery all the way down every day because I spend so much time on her. Between texting, emailing, playing music, Twitter, Facebook, blogging and Bejeweled, she's on FIRE.

How did I live before?

PS - Have you stopped over at Blogtrotting yet? We're on our first tour today and it's a great one!


  1. Yay for Blogtrotting's debut! I'm on my way.

    (I love that you named your phone. Does your car have a name, too?)

  2. Awww. You named the phone after me.

    Well, really, I know you didn't. But still ...

    I have an iTouch, iPhone's little brother/sister (depends on your point of view). And would you believe, the grippy case I bought for it is RED? I will post a photo tomorrow.

  3. oooo, nice! congrats on your new!

    btw, LOVE LOVE LOVE your HAIR!

  4. 1. You look great!

    2. YAY FOR YOUR NEW IPHONE! I love my iphone. It's amazing, isn't it? Amazing how we lived without it, too! Imagine going back to a boring old cell phone that just.. makes calls? OMG! The horror!!!

  5. Sounds like you made the right choice.

  6. I'm enjoying my ipod touch and may switch to the iphone once Verizon supports it (rumor that is going to happen).

    What I really want to talk about though is how THIN your face looks! Hot mama!

  7. You are SO FRICKIN HILARIOUS!!! I LOVE it! I have been holding out for so long getting the iPhone...but everyone who gets it just loves it. I don't know how much longer I can wait!

    I THINK I signed up for NY on Blogtrotting. Hope i did it right! I would love to do something for it some time.

    Great photo by the way...your hair looks amazing.

  8. Oh how the iphone tempts me. Mocks me. And calls my name. But, I can't see ever getting one. My husband is just too cheap. And I can't even justify the expense of getting a data plan on the phone I do have...

  9. If I had one, I'd text you. I'm uber-jealous. I'm tempted to get one with my big child tax credit...or should I be saving that for the next EE.....

  10. I bet Lucille could put out some serious Mafia Wars hits, too. You know, should she ever tire of Bejeweled. Love the red!

  11. She's quite purdy...

    As a disgruntled Blackberry owner, I am very very jealous.

  12. It is killing me not to own one but until Verizon is their carrier I'm sticking to the Blackberry

  13. I heart my iPhone also....I wasn't a big fan at first (I've had mine for about 3 years (I think) before the apps were the apps we have I can't live without it!!!
    Stopped and registered on blogtrotting today....

  14. very coll phone will have to check out blogtroting

  15. I've thought about the iPhone. But then I think I just want to get an iTouch...

  16. I would get one if it weren't for two very important things:

    1. AT&T service SUCKS around here. Seriously.

    2. I'm cheap.

    But congrats on your new beauty!

  17. I got an iphone last month. I LOVE mine as well and am running the battery down daily. I asked myself the same...How did I live before her? At work I'll go in the bathroom just so I can play words with friends. Yikes. I'm addicted to my phone.

    ps....give me some time to go around and take pictures and I'll let you know about blogtrotting. (thanks for asking me!)


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