Friday, January 29, 2010

Running Man*

A friend of mine approached me yesterday about running a half marathon with her in June. The crazy part is that I'm actually considering it.

Here's the thing: I'm not really the model built for speed. More of the comfort line, if you will.

I do believe that I'm in decent shape, I work out like crazy, after all. But I do very little running. And by very little, I mean NONE. Unless you count chasing down my daughter at the grocery store/mall/Ikea/Target.

And I've heard horror stories from marathon runners. Ohmygod, did you know it can make your nipples bleed? For real. I don't recommend doing a search on Google for that.

But it's a group training thing, so I'll have some structure, and we will be raising money for charity, which makes me practically eligible for sainthood. Plus, and this may be the biggest reason I'm even contemplating it.

It's in Boston.

I luuuurve Boston. Neil? Not so much. He's never been there, but someone once told him something bad about it, although he can't remember who or what, and he doesn't like the town. Which means my visions of him and Sophie handing me water as I run by and hoisting me onto their shoulders at the finish line (a tough feat for a two year old, I'll grant you), may not come to pass.

So I've got six months to take my butt from no running to holy-crap-half-marathon shape. I think the harder task might actually be talking my husband into leaving the state.

*A dance I was woefully inadequate at, in its heyday.

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  1. Built for comfort = awesome

    I don't understand running, but I would like to one day.

    Bleeding nipples? Gross...

  2. You can do it Cara. I know you can.
    No pics of the bleeding nips though. LOL

  3. The bleeding nipples are usually on the non-sports-bra-wearing men; I think you'll be fine.

    I just started running this time last year. I haven't had the nerve to try a half yet, but I know you can do it! If nothing else, you'll get in great shape training!

    Good luck, Cara!

  4. I'm with ya...LOVE Boston...I'm not with ya, HATE running!!!

  5. Bleeding nipples!?!?!?!? Oh MY GOD! I'm SO not ever running! lol. No, actually, I have visions of doing a marathon one day. (I better hurry at my age). I wish you the best of luck!

    Hopefully they'll be handing you water and not bloody nipple blotter rags. OMG< that's freaky deaky! lol

  6. Like Heather said, the bleeding nips happen to men. Wear a sports bra and nothing cotton and you'll be fine. If you're interested in a shorter race before then, the Humane Society is having a 5K on the grounds at the end of March to benefit the shelter. I'm running it. I'm aiming for my first half in October at the Baltimore Running Festival. I figure that gives me plenty of time to train slowly and carefully without hurting my knees. has TONS of info about how to buy shoes, what foot type you have, playlists for your iPod, how to keep from peeing your pants when you run (thanks, childbirth), etc.

    Good luck!

  7. Bleeding nipples. Ouch.

    You already know my type of marathon and it ain't this kind. But I know you will rock it!

  8. You can do it!!

    My piece of advise: Find a good athletic shop and get a video gait analysis (check my Nov 2 blog entry for more info)and purchase a good pair of running shoes. Yes they will be expensive ($100), but your feet will be happy even after 13+ miles. The black toe nails only happen if you have ill fitting shoes!

  9. I am so impressed that you are even considering it. That consideration has to count for something. Right??

    Michael is from Boston. I had to arm wrestle him to get him to take me there for a vacation many moons ago. I loved it. And he'd prefer to never go back!

  10. Totally do it! I'm inspired by and excited for you!

  11. Hurray! You will do awesome & kick that 1/2 marathons butt. I've done a few half and fulls, and I am a turtle-style runner. It's fun. Well, not the bad side effects part from the fulls, but the rest of it.

  12. You can absolutely do it. I ran my first half in October. Then I got pregnant. Haven't run since. Ha!

  13. Boston is an easy city to love. You can talk him into it. The half marathon though? Craziness.

  14. got family in Boston. Lived there or a Summer. Love the place. I will be waiting with your halo as soon as you cross the finish line

  15. You can do it! A half-marathon is a great way to start. I'm not the running type. And for breastfeeding two babies, I'm done with bleeding nipples.

  16. Holy crap! My cousin asked me if i wanted to run with her in a 5K, and i was like -sponsor you? yes. Run? Noooo. So good luck. i'll sponsor you.


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