Monday, January 25, 2010

Thoughts of a Dieter

- While the can says there are two servings, five mini-ravioli and a half dozen wee meatballs do not a meal make.

- My skin has been staying pretty clear the last few weeks. Then we had Chick-fil-A, which I LOVE, and my face broke out like crazy the very next day. Further motivation to avoid fast food, even though it calls to me in my dreams.

- Eating a lot of salad does unpleasant things to a person's digestive system.

- My very good friend Katie, who just three days ago gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby girl, left a huge tin of cookies at my house a couple of weeks ago. It. Is. Torture. But I never eat more than one two three a day.

- I have been keeping myself to roughly 1600 calories a day, and shockingly, I'm not hungry all the time like I expected to be.

-While I don't recommend it as a regular hunger suppressant, biting into a piece of bone in your tuna salad is one really effective way to kill your appetite and thus lower your caloric intake for the day.

- I'm amazed by how many calories I drink. If I could just cut out the soda and sweet tea, I could eat a lot more. But then I wouldn't get any soda or sweet tea. I'd rather go hungry.

- Despite the temptations and slips, IT WORKS! I'm down close to 10 pounds in 3 weeks! Yay me!

PS - Have you stopped over at Blogtrotting yet??


  1. Great for you!
    And yes, the drinkin will kill ya!

  2. That's awesome!!! I've been trying to restrict my carbs and work out more, but you need carbs to work out...I'm stuck in a vicious cycle of needing them to work out, but not needing them on my a$$! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. You are doing great! I am telling you, you really look it from your picture...:) Yay!

  4. 10 pounds?! That's awesome!

    My mind plays terrible tricks on me the minute I decide to diet; I am immediately starving, craving food that I don't even normally like. What's up with that?

    Am I still on for Friday? Got my post almost ready...

  5. 10 Pounds?! That's awesome! I just read in US Weekly that the key to losing weight is starting your meal with broth-based soups. Obviously, US Weekly is the last word for all topics health and nutrition. The magazine also mentioned a book called something like Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salad.

    Bone in tuna salad. Boo.

    I heartily second your call for people to visit BLOGTROTTING!

  6. Way to go with your weight loss! It sounds like you're doing it the right way and the reasonable way, so this way, the weight will stay off! (Unlike me who loses fast and then gains back quickly by cutting out the carbs sometimes... bad, bad, bad) Anyway, I once bit into what felt like bone in a hot dog, and it took me YEARS to eat another hot dog again. GROSS. ME. OUT.
    I love food so, so much. It's so hard eating 'well'.
    Good luck, you! Keep up the good work.

  7. 10 pounds!!! Good news...Keep up the good work. I am so happy for you.

    The salad thing....your system will adjust after a while and it won't be so bad.

    Another trick I use: I like to drink a big glass of V8 as soon as I get home from work. It keeps me from feeling so hungry and then I don't eat the whole kitchen. (and I sure can use more vegitable in my diet!)

  8. I was doing so good by going to the gym every morning. Then Christmas came to's been nuttin' ever since.....

    Going over to check out curiousity is peaking.

  9. I'm still laughing about the lettuce ... Oh, yes!

  10. Way to go!! Weight loss is...complicated. But worth it! I'm also on the bandwagon. :-)

  11. WOOT, WOOT!!!! You go girl. I stinking LOVE ravioli. I love Chick Fil A. I love Salad. But, I also love the soda, not the diet kind either. And you and me both know, I could stand to lose 10 pounds or 20 or 200 or...oh well, you get the picture.
    Great job.

  12. Whoa go girl.....sweet tea versus food...sweet tea EVERY TIME!!

  13. My sister has been after me for years... YEARS... to lay off the Coke and sweet tea. She tells me the pounds will just come off, but I can't do it. I just can't! And diet sodas all taste so gross. Again, my sis says I'd get used to the taste if I'd just give them a try... but again, I can't do it.

    10 lbs is awesome... keep it up!

  14. I've lost 5 pounds this month. And lemme tell you...this "slow and steady wins the race" shiz?

    It's just that. SHIZ.

    And the Special K with skim I had for breakfast 2 hours ago is NOT sticking with me. I need peanut butter. Cookies.


  15. You go girl! Ten pounds is rocking! Especially if you are still drinking your calories (*ahem*) and having a few treats.

    {I'm not sure if I should be offended or not, but the word verification is huhlumpi. I think I was just insulted by blogger.}

  16. Damn girl, good for you. Sometimes when cookies accidentally come to live in my house I have to throw them away. Then I feel bad about all of the starving kids that don't have cookies.

  17. Congrats!!

    And I am with Heather. When I diet, I always want food that I don't normally NEED. I love a donut. But I can totally pass them by. When I diet...I dream about them. It's so odd.

    And last year when I was having all those vertigo issues...well when I quit diet drinks and artificial sweetners, I was was "cured." I mean, even gum will set me off now! Anyway, the whole idea of dieting and not even having a soda...I am not sure I could do it!

    (My word verification - phonperb. Do you think it's referencing my last comment?? :-) )

  18. Awesome job! I love the thoughts on dieting. I would like to add that false advertising should banned. I mean actually enforced. Like your half can of ravioli, it is so wrong when they make it sound like a serving of something gives you things it doesn't (like dinner, LOL). Case in point: Last night I was making pasta, the healthy kind I'm now buying and trying to like (Barilla Plus). It says it has all these great things on it and in it, yadda ya. Well, when you look at the box, it says "one 100g serving contains..." and it goes on to list magical sounding quantities of fiber, protein and Omega 3. Yeah, so the magic is, you would have to eat a THIRD OF THE BOX to get that much...a real serving is 56 grams. Nice... Not that I believe everything I read, but that's just plain annoying. GRRR to the food companies!

  19. How inspirational! i am back on the bandwagon myself, hoping for a repeat. It's only been three days, but somehow when you know it'll stick for a while you just know. Hearing (reading) your stories helps!


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