Thursday, June 19, 2008

Smile and the World Smiles with You

During a lunch excursion yesterday, we tried out the restaurant high chair
(germ city) for the first time. Despite my misgivings, my little bean did great. I had brought several toys for her. She played with each one for approximately 10 seconds and then threw it down on the ground. I could probably have left them at home, as she spent most of her time looking around at all of the people and the restaurant. How strange and interesting everything must seem to her.

Located in the aisle, she was quite visible to all of the servers and other patrons walking by, as well as diners at nearby tables. And she drew quite a bit of attention. (Probably because she is the prettiest baby EVER. I don't have a certificate or anything, but my mom said it was true, so it must be, right?) I am constantly surprised by how friendly people are when you have a baby. (Especially when that baby is GORGEOUS!) Almost all people will at least smile as they pass by and many will stop to talk. (About how gorgeous my baby is.) At first I thought this was totally due to our natural attraction to small humans, but I've begun to think there might be other factors as well. (My own gorgeousness -
am I over the top with this?) I think I might actually be more friendly when I am out with her. Not that I'm an ogre normally (Eye contact, are you kidding me?), but I am certain that I smile at people more often when I am holding her than when I am alone. And I am definitely more inclined to engage someone in a conversation. Mostly because I look for any opportunity to talk (brag) about her. (Did I mention that my baby is gorgeous?) I think part of it might be that I'm not in the hurry that I used to be when I had a regular 9-5. (Ha, as if I ever got out that early!) Now when we go somewhere, if Sophie is willing (read: doesn't cry incessantly), we could spend all day at it. A trip to the grocery store or the mall are ends in themselves, not just chores to be accomplished on my way home or somewhere else more important (like happy hour).

This is another unexpected plus of staying home with her (also, naps). I am rediscovering a joie de vivre that can only be experienced when you lose that go go go mindset. Now, every day is laced with opportunities. To introduce my little bean to something new or spend a few hours with a friend or just roam around the house, playing. And believe me when I tell you, we're in no hurry. (So when I'm late, as I always am, you can blame my damn joie de vivre!)


  1. OK...I came over from Mrs. R's site to tell you something, bu then I saw your gorgeous baby and had to fawn. This is me--fawning.

    Back to my regularly scheduled comment: We have to be FRIENDS! Because you watch Battlestar Galactica and that ROCKS. No one here is giving it any love...even after I blogged about it last month.

    Beautiful babies...Battlestar...yes, we have to be friends, please.

  2. The Bean is indeed a gorgeous baby! I've found Fly attracts a lot of attention, too -- sometimes too much!

    I think "blame my damn joie de vivre" is going to be my new saying!

  3. Damselfly - The "blame my damn joie de vivre" merchandise will be available next week. :)

  4. People really are so friendly when you are with a baby or a toddler and also when you are pregnant . . . I regret the moments when I am feeling too frazzled to be as friendly in return as I would like.

    I also love the phrase "damn joie de vivre!"


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