Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What's in the basket?

Not a whole lot going on around these parts. Which is not surprising since it's hotter than the depths of Hades. I'm going to brave the heat, though, and go do some shopping. Among other things, I have to get some presents for an upcoming unnamed holiday that a certain someone has been talking about for weeks. He's still upset because he got me flowers last year for mother's day and I didn't get him anything. As I keep telling him, at that point I was still doing all of the work. Other than being nice to the pregnant lady and, of course, that one special night, he hadn't really put in much "dad" time yet. But this year. It will be something special.

I was doing some laundry this morning because the bean had run out of bibs. As I've mentioned before, this kid can DROOL. We're going through them at the rate of four or five a day. I just packed up a bunch because they were too small. I was starting to worry that I was cutting off the circulation to her head when I squeezed them on her neck, and I'm pretty sure that is not good.
I'm no expert, though. So I started a load last night and finished it up today. I pulled them out of the dryer when they were still warm and toasty and would you believe the bean crawled right up into it. Don't be silly, she's way too small to pull herself into it. Feh. I did put her in it, though, because how could I resist? Of course, now I have to rewash those pants and at least one other item of clothing that went straight into her mouth. But it was totally worth it.

I swear that sometimes she is so cute, it hurts a little.


  1. Cute bean! I love her look in the crib. It screams, "I'm SASSY!"
    I'm in Montgomery County, and it is insanely hot and disgusting. Bibs are like socks- you can never find enough when you need 'em.

  2. Well put. They are sometimes so cute it hurts a little. I hate having to go through the clothes and sort out what doesn't fit anymore. It makes me so sad. I want them to grow up a little so we can talk about our days and all, but man, this sweet baby part is so fleeting.

  3. Oh, I know that cuteness pain myself. :)

  4. She is so sweet it make my teeth hurt! I happen to LOVE toasty laundry and used to beg my mom to stick my towels in the dryer so they were all snuggly after a bath!

  5. Oh, the joy of warm, clean laundry . . . until it needs to be actually, you know, folded!

  6. Lindsay - She is one sassy little bean and aren't you glad the heat finally broke last night!!

    Merecat - Oh, I know that feeling. I have to keep stopping myself from saying "I can't wait for..." and say instead "I'm so excited for..." because I don't want to waste away these precious days in anticipation of those to come.

    Damselfly - Cuteness pain, I'll take it any day!

    Mrs. R - I did the same thing! Sometimes I still do and I have been known to pile a fresh load of warm laundry on top of me on cold winter days. Yummy!

    MEP - Folding laundry and putting away dishes are two chores I hate doing. Oddly, I am totally okay with the other aspects of doing laundry and dishes. I even actually kind of enjoy ironing. Weird, right?


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