Thursday, June 12, 2008

Counting Sheep and Other Useless Activities

I'm really struggling today. I have some sort of weird insomnia that afflicts me most nights lately. Last night I read until about 11:30 and then turned the light out and watched the shadows on the ceiling for two hours. Thinking. I actually tried counting sheep at one point. When my brain finally quieted and I fell asleep, Sophie woke me. I got a whopping 45 minutes of sleep that time. And then an hour and a half later she wakes me again. I'm not one of those people who can just go right back to sleep, either, so I was up a good half hour each time. And then she was up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble sleeping. The weird part is that I can nap like crazy during the day, but I haven't been because I thought that might be fueling the nightime sleeplessness. So now, no naps and only 4 fractured hours at night. This isn't fun.

Today Sophie is super fussy and won't nap and I'm losing my mind a little. Okay, a lot. I definitely need a ho-ho. Or a whole box. Unfortunately, the only sweet thing I have in the house are these stupid 100 calorie packs of cookie-esque things because I've been trying so hard to lose weight and I wanted to get all temptations out. So it actually will take a whole box to even begin to satisfy my need for a comfort binge. I try to keep it light on here, but it isn't all sunshine and kittens, folks. It just isn't.


  1. I had many dark days during my bub's first year. We're only human.

    I say go to the store, pick a couple key items for your comfort binge, have it, and then move on.

    As for the insomnia, it's probably mental at this point, though I know that doesn't help to solve the problem.

    hang in there


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