Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Tuesday

I don't have a thought-provoking, heart-tugging post for today. But some goings on in the Land of Bean:
  • We bought Sophie a little dolly stroller the other day to encourage her to walk (I know, am I crazy?) and she absolutely loves it. She pushes it all over the place. It might be the best received toy I have ever gotten for her. Otherwise, she has taken a few wobbly independent steps, but she still crawls most of the time. Any day now!
  • I think Sophie may be getting rid of her 2nd nap. I am devastated by this because I love our current routine, which includes a nice long morning nap for both of us. I'm hoping it's just a phase and we'll go back to our two a day naps, but if the last three or so days are any indication, my girl is moving on. Sigh.
  • We had our first diaper-tastrophe last night. Lately Sophie has been tugging on the tabs of her diaper, pulling one side off. Generally, I keep her in clothes with waistbands so she can't get to them. It has been getting cooler at night, though, so I put her in a footed sleeper, with no waistband, last night. She awoke at her usual time this morning (about 6:15, yuck) and I left her in there for a few minutes, just in case she felt like going back to sleep. When I finally went in to pick her up, she was soaking wet. From head to foot. In truth, it could have been MUCH worse, but I felt pretty crappy (see, I wasn't going to mention poop but somehow I couldn't resist) for leaving her to sit in her cold, wet outfit for 15 minutes. Lesson learned.
  • Sophie climbed backwards down from the landing of the stairs this morning. Usually she dives head first, generally not even putting her hands out. The good news is we have carpeting, so those nosedives didn't hurt her, but it made me a little uneasy. I'm really glad to see that she's beginning to understand a safer way down.
  • I finally decided to give Facebook a look-see last night. We are having our 16th high school reunion in a couple of weeks and I was curious to see if any of my old classmates were on there. But to see, you have to sign up and then I had to create a whole profile for myself and then add pictures and then it asked about friends and then I spent two hours looking up everyone I ever knew...and now I'm addicted. Crap.
That's it for now. See, I told you nothing dramatic. Hey, they can't all be War and Peace. I'm off to go Facebook.


  1. Uh Oh, get ready to get addicted to fb!! I did the same thing....actually I wanted to check it out to see if I thought it was safe for my 15 year old daughter & I ended up totally getting hooked on it. It is a fun way to chat with friends...old & new. You have to add the Pieces of Flair application...it is so fun!

  2. We got grocery carts the other day because of the walking thing and because they love to tae stuff out and put it back in over and over.

    And, yes, I'm addicted to FB too. I've also gotten kind of addicted to twitter with my bloggy friends, so if you want to find yet another delicious timewaster, try that.

  3. Oh the naps... there's so much invested in them, and yes, they're hard to give up!

    But think of it this way... it means you won't have time to get too hooked on facebook.

    That's why I haven't started twittering. It scares me!

  4. I TOLD YOU! Facebook should be called Face Crack...or something like that. Totally addictive! Can't write any more, I'm off to Face Crack. I mean, Facebook.

  5. Yes--Facebook is fun!! The addiction wears off after a little while thouigh--it's extra fun in the beginning when you're finding all your old friends.

    I still miss those 2nd naps--those were the days!!

  6. You can tell she is lovin' that stroller!!

  7. I have seen more playgroup and playground smackdowns over dolly strollers than any other item. Kids love them!

    Until he outgrew size 24 months, I almost always dressed the Bub with some kind of onesie underneath to discourage him from trying to take off his diaper. It's a bit of a deterrent at least.

    I am totally addicted to facebook. I love reading status updates and commenting on them.

  8. Those push-walkers are great!

    I mourned the passing of the morning nap, too, but then I loved having just one nap a day. Maybe you'll get used to it too. ;)

  9. I recently discovered Facebook too. Amazing who's on there. If not for Facebook, I never would have known a guy I knew in college just named his kid Mighty Rock. Mighty Rock. Hi.

  10. Facebook is funny. I love when people add me as a friend and I scratch my head and say - but we barely spoke in HS! They should have a friend request called "We weren't really ever friends but I want to see what you look like now so please allow me access to your profile."


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