Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was looking at that picture of Sophie and glanced over at the one of me at age one and realized that there is a bit of a resemblance between us. In case there were any doubts, I'm pretty sure she's mine.


  1. Yeah, I think it's pretty apparent that she's yours!

  2. I'll say there's a resemblence. I thought that photo was the Bean! I don't think you can deny her. Funny how that Look-a-Like meter said she was kinda down the middle of the road on which parent she looks like, yet your childhood photos are so close!

  3. I definitely think you are related. My daughter looks like me too. It's really wicked how they have sprung from us and reflect us in every way. Just wait. She will start to reflect you even more in the next couple of months. You will just freak out.

  4. ...and at 18 months, my daughter still resembles my hubby more. How is that? I do all the work, he gets all the glory?

    Regardless, we still think she's pretty darn cute!

    Stop over sometime ~


  5. Found an old picture of me and I thought the exact same thing of me and Mady today!

    Too cute.

  6. Found you through Mrs. R. Lovely site.
    Cute baby bean and mama bean!


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