Thursday, January 1, 2009

101 Goals in 1001 Days

Time Left:

So here's my great big list of things that I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days. Those in bold have been completed.

Personal Growth:
  1. Take a class in photography.
  2. Learn how to use my sewing machine.
  3. Sew an outfit for Sophie.
  4. Learn how to hem jeans.
  5. Create a list of 25 things I like about myself.
  6. Get a massage once a year. (1/3)
  7. Create a will.
  8. Create a living will.
  9. Learn CPR.
  10. Get a better understanding of HTML.
  11. Sew a quilt with the extra fabric from old projects.
  12. Learn how to crochet.

  1. Exercise at least three times a week, for at least 20 minutes a session. (52/143)
  2. Lose 10 pounds.
  3. Lose 20 pounds.
  4. Lose 30 pounds.
  5. Lose 40 pounds.
  6. Do 50 sit-ups and 25 push-ups for 30 days. (0/30)
  7. Do a run/jog/walk for charity.
  8. Drink at least 7 liters of water a week. (52/143)
  9. No soda for 7 days at least once every six months. (0/6)
  10. Take a yoga class.
  11. Use exercise ball at least once a week. (0/143) - not doing so great on this one

  1. Visit Europe with my husband.
  2. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
  3. Swim in the ocean.
  4. Visit the Holocaust Museum.
  5. Go to Blogher ’09 in Chicago.
  6. Take a 20th anniversary trip with Aparna.
  7. Go away for a weekend, just Neil and I.
  8. Go skiing at least twice. (To justify the recent purchase of skis.) (1/2)

Home Improvement:
  1. Tile the laundry room.
  2. Organize the shelves in the HVAC room.
  3. Pare clothing down to one closet.
  4. Start a compost pile.
  5. Paint entryway.
  6. Paint and fix up basement bathroom.
  7. Remove remaining debris and detritus from pool.
  8. Fill in backyard trench.
  9. Prettify the flowerbed next to garage.
  10. Plant (or pot) row of bushes around patio.
  11. Stain and finish tall shelves for sweaters.
  12. Put shelf-paper in kitchen cabinets.
  13. New curtains for guest bedroom.
  14. Replace dead shrub in front of house.
  15. Rip out carpet on second floor. Pray the hardwood underneath is as good as I hope. (It was gorgeous!!)
  16. Paint, replace, or get rid of the faux brick behind the gas fireplace.
  17. Pack away Sophie’s too small clothes.
  18. Get/make new curtains for the basement door.
  19. Replace the TV stand in bedroom with more functional shelving.

  1. Read 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  2. Host a dinner party.
  3. Go to at least one theatrical performance a year. (1/3)
  4. Knit a scarf.
  5. Go to the Baltimore Museum of Art.
  6. See a show on Broadway.
  7. Join or start a book club.
  8. Read a Jane Austen book.
  9. Paint a picture.
  10. Have a picnic.
  11. Go to the Air and Space Museum in DC.
  12. Learn how to create Origami.
  13. Write a short story.
  14. Test drive a Porsche.
  15. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
  16. Go to Philadelphia for a day trip.
  17. Go on a boat.

  1. Use my crockpot once a week. (45/143)
  2. Try one new recipe a week. (2/143)
  3. Go one month without fast food.
  4. Learn how to decorate a cake.
  5. Make a Sour Cherry Pie.
  6. Learn how to make sushi.
  7. Try a food I have never had before at least once ever six months. (0/6)
  8. Cook with brussell sprouts.
  9. Buy an olive oil spritzer.
  10. Substitute ground turkey for ground beef at least twice a month. (26/66)
  1. Call either my grandma or granddaddy at least once a month (0/33) - failing miserably on this one, time to get crackin'
  2. Get professional pictures of our family.
  3. Create a photo album documenting Sophie's life.
  4. Take Sophie to the park or another play area at least once a week. (52/143)
  5. Have a "date night" with Neil at least once every other month. (6/17)
  6. Send one "Hi!" card a month to friends or family. (0/33)
  7. Do something extra for Neil at least once a week. (52/143)

  1. Complete my list of goals by 1/8/09.
  2. Save/earn $500 to go to Blogher '09.
  3. Donate blood.
  4. Meet a blog friend in real life.
  5. Get a fireproof safe.
  6. Buy 5 "Just Because" gifts. (0/5)
  7. Roll up all of the loose change and take it to the bank.
  8. Clean out my Gmail inbox.
  9. Buy something off Ebay or Craigs List.
  10. Sell something on Ebay.
  11. Re-evaluate this list at the end of each year. Eliminate those that have become obsolete or undoable and replace with new goals. (0/2)
  12. Scan all old pictures in, so we have them digitally.
  13. Create a photo block set.

To Be Decided (I am allowing five slots for those things that may come up in the following days, weeks or months that really need to be on the list. Not a cop-out on the last five, I swear)



  1. I'm am curious about the "rules" to this 101 list...I don't get it yet....but it looks really interesting! I like alot of your ideas. My daughter visited the Holocaust Musuem this year and it was quite a profound experience for her.
    Good Luck with it!

  2. A lot of these things you can do online, so you're halfway there, basically.

    And I'd postponed 100 years for twenty years (it's been twenty years since everyone in my class in high school read that), and then I read it and of course was disappointed.

  3. Great list! I'd like to do a number of those things as well.

  4. Oooooh ... you are a committed woman. My only goal is to not work, but I pretty much do that now :)

  5. Wow, good list! That'll keep you busy for awhile.

  6. those are great what a wonderful start to the new year! may have to steel some of these ideas for my own list!

  7. Woohoo! Awesome! It's pretty ambitious, but I live the 1001 days thing. I know you can do it! Cheers! :)

  8. I will continue to visit your sponsors, maybe that'll help you get to blogher 09. I'd like to go too, but I'm not sure if I can swing it.

    ALL GREAT resolutions in 1001 days. Way more realistic than 365 days! I should do that, but I suppose my bucket list sorta serves that purpose...except I really truly hope I live more tha 1001 days. Yikes! lol

  9. that is some list! I really hope that you finish it and accomplish some of those goals. What a good idea.

  10. I love your list and, not surprisingly, think I would be loving my life if I met similar goals in the next 1001 days!

    I definitely hope the BlogHer goals get realized!

    Also, I'm glad to see I am not the only person who has not purchased something from ebay or Craig's List.

  11. Meet a blog friend in real life?


    Until then, we can discuss BSG and Lost. Only a couple more weeks...then we can mark that off the list. 'Cause, you know...those two programs MUST be on the list.

  12. That's a great list!!! You've got good stuff on there and it all feels doable!

    I really hope you can go to BlogHer!! I'll be there!!

  13. Great list. I have a top 30 things to do before 30 and it feels really great to cross some of those things off the list!

  14. I love that your list spans so many categories. It gives me some ideas for goals of my own!

  15. I don't get it? Everything was in bold on my screen. You managed to do all of that in less than three days. Wow. What are you going to do for the rest of the year? Write another list?

  16. How motivational! Let me know when you join/start a book club, go to the BMA, see a live show...pretty much anything in your "entertainment" section...

    ...oh, and Laura? Nothing was bold on my screen...

  17. When you're done with all of that, please come over immediately and help me with mine...

  18. I like that you're giving yourself a lot of time. And that there are small accomplishments, too. The "no pop for 7 days every 6 months" made me laugh. YOU GO CARA!!

  19. Whoa! You sure are ambitious. I see BlogHer showed up a couple times on your list. I hope you get to go! Then you can also cross off the "meet a blog friend IRL" too.

    I really need to do the loose change thing.

  20. A most incredible list! I love it! Right now I feel like I have to live every day as it comes, focusing on one project at a time. Right now I'm throwing everything I've got at losing weight. I'm 40 and it feels like now or never.

    Looking forward hearing about your accomplishments!

  21. you should run the st. patty's day 5k with us this year. there is still time to train! the charity is beer. there is a lot consumed after the race :)

  22. You've got some good goals here!


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