Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Top Ten: Why Cats are like Toddlers

The other day, Sophie climbed up onto the table next to the recliner. Instinctively, I turned to the squirt bottle that I use to "discipline" the cats. A term I use loosely because after 8 years in the case of Potter and 3 for Gomez both are still doing all of the behaviors that will get them squirted. I had my hand on the trigger before I realized what I was doing. It was then that it dawned on me just how similar life with our two cats is to living with a toddler. But the similarities continue:
  1. I have to clean up both of their poo*.
  2. The both hear me say "NO!" and keep right on what they're doing.
  3. They are both incredibly finicky about their food and have been known to dump the entire contents of their dishes out in protest.
  4. Toddlers like to drag things/cats like to chase things.
  5. Both the cats and the toddler feel the need to put themselves in between me and whatever I'm working on, looking at or reading.
  6. They both have an uncomfortable (for me) interest in the toilet, and not for its intended use.
  7. They both pretend not to hear me about 95% of the time.
  8. Both knock things down for no reason other than to see it fall.
  9. They both manage to take up 75% of the bed despite the fact that neither has a body mass that exceeds 15% of either my husband or myself.
  10. They both love boxes.

Have a great weekend!

*Or shadoobie, my new favorite word, as the wonderful Lula would say.


  1. The bed thing is an amazing wonder that I just can't figure out! How can we have a King size bed with a 24 pound toddler in it with us and I am white knuckling the edge all night hoping not to fall off, with no damn pillows!

  2. Love the pics! I think everyone loves boxes. lol.
    Shadoobie...shattered...from the song?
    check out out winter science experiment today, over at my place. ha ha

  3. I know, right? All of them--true, true, true! Funny pictures!

  4. Ha! I've thought the same thing about our puppies on multiple occasions :D

  5. How true it is!! My husband's favorite line when we're trying to get the kids together: "It's like herding cats!"

  6. so true!!! I love the photos.

  7. It's the toilet one that gets me ... everytime someone flushes in our house you have to step aside for the cat/kid to watch the thrill of it all going down ... I don't get it.

  8. I don't have a cat, but I can still sure relate to a lot of those items!!!

  9. That is hilarious. With four inside cats and three kids that were all at one time toddlers, I concur with everything you said! LOL

  10. YAY! A shadoobie shoutout! Good times.

    My cat and your cat are related. I'm convinced of this.

    OK, I am now off to prepare for serious business in 1.5 hours. OH MY HEAD, girl...we will soon know. WE WILL KNOW. And we will be complete...and still befuddled until mid-March, I'm certain.

  11. this comment is totally off topic, but I watched some old video footage tonight of my Dear Daughter when she was Sophie's age. Wow. Hang on tight, because the next four years are going to go incredibly FAST for you!

  12. And, strangely enough, our cats can whine just like a toddler. True story.

  13. Wow, this is like ... scary accurate. I could substitute my chihuahuas in for a few of those things too, but they're totally scared of boxes and plastic bags and in fact almost anything that is not a boogery kleenex or a treat.

  14. So, so true.

    Axel recently got a green vinyl tunnel. Both he and the cat love to sit in the middle of the tunnel, or push a ball through it. It's like a round box.

    Oh, and they both grab and claw at my pants when they want something.

  15. Ah, #2. That one really gets to me.


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