Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've become increasingly aware that this blog has the power to make things happen. Sadly, its affect is limited to my little world, so I can't ask for world peace or anything. I've noticed, though, that when I write about something that is troubling me, within a short time, that situation improves or goes away altogether. As evidence, I present Exhibit A: I post about not getting any sleep and suddenly Sophie sleeps through the night 10 out of the next 14 days, which is 9 more times than she had slept through the night before. Exhibit B: I complain about Sophie's dining preferences and within days she voluntarily eats an entire small french fry order from McDonalds (don't judge). Exhibit C: I bemoan my challenges in taking a suitable picture for our Christmas card and that very night as I'm looking through the dozens of photos I had taken, one that I hadn't really noticed before jumps out at me and it is PERFECT.

Given this amazing power, I would like to talk about a few other issues that could use some fixin'. I'm hoping that I'm not breaking the spell by talking about it, but I figure it's worth a try.

Money, specifically, the lottery. They say you won't win if you don't play. Well, we play and we haven't won yet. I'm not greedy, I don't need to win the $140 million jackpot, just a few measly million would more than make me happy.

Pushing Daisies. I am heartbroken that they are canceling this show. Visually, it is stunning. But more importantly, the storylines are clever and the characters are interesting. All of the actors are amazing, although I am particularly enamored of Lee Pace. I love his bushy eyebrowed cuteness. I just don't understand why more people aren't watching this show? I know the axe has already fallen but is it too late to hope for a Jericho-style save?

and while we're talking about TV shows...Battlestar Gallactica. When are you coming back??? You left us months and months ago and so far I haven't heard anything about when you're returning. SciFi channel has shown a couple of teaser clips but no dates. It's your last season. Will the last remnants of humanity find a permanent home? Will Starbuck finally get her stuff together? Who is the final cylon? I need resolution.

My Hair. Hair, why can't you just do what you're told? Why do you always have to go your own way? Even when I load up on the mousses, sprays, pomades, etc. We've been fighting for a long time and I think it's time we worked things out. I'll give a little, but you need to, too. Help me help you.

The Trench. Two years ago, following several toilet back-ups, we had our sewer line replaced. It runs the length of our back yard. Unfortunately, shortly after we had it done, the ground settled into the area excavated and refilled for the work and created a trench. It's not so deep that we could lose family members in it, but it is certainly an eyesore on what was previously a lovely, flat yard. It's been TWO YEARS now, it's time it went away.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll be waiting.


  1. I really hope that your wishes come true. Especially the lottery. I will be here when you win - expecting a little stocking stuffer of course! LOL

  2. ahem, I'd like to see this lovely Christmas lit Sophie please!

  3. OH I sure hope that this works. If you come into some money by blogging that you need some, you have to let me know.

  4. Whoopeeee! French fries! My son loves them and my daughter hates them. You just never know what turns the little fellas on, right?

  5. I'm going to start observing to see if my blog has the same powers!

    I can't help with the television shows (though I feel your pain), but I recommend affirmations for the money and the hair.

  6. me thinks Niel may have just been Whoopaaaaaad in regards to the trench.


  7. HA HA! Man, I need a list like this. And I hate when shows get canceled when I'm in love with them. What gives?!

  8. Oh! What a totally awesome post! I'm jealous I didn't think of this! lol. Seriously funny!

    And if the powers that be are listening...I've never won the lottery either. And I'd be happy with just enough to cover my bills. I'm not greedy for the whole thing.

    And what do you mean they are canceling Pushing Daisies? SAY WHAT? Are you sure? Say it ain't so. (Why do they cancel the good ones and keep the crappy ones?)

  9. Hey, I would NEVER judge about McD's fries. They say babies need fat after their first year for brain development, right? Well heck...can't get much more fatty than fries!

    Bring 'em on. Especially now if you win the lotto - a round of fries for us all on you!

  10. I love Pushing Daisies... Sigh... It's such a unique show. I wonder how they'll end it? With them touching, her dying and him jumping off a cliff together? Tragically romantic or icky?

  11. Keep us posted. If this works, I've got a list of my own that's in need of some fixin'

  12. Will you talk about my...ahem...boobs on your blog? Then maybe they'll magically grow a couple of sizes...

    I've noticed that when I make a definitive statement on my blog (or anyone else's for that matter) I go and do the opposite of that statement very shortly after. Cussing comes to mind.

  13. If blogging about winning the lottery works, I can totally do that (I guess I have to buy a ticket first). Seriously, keep me posted! :)


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