Thursday, December 4, 2008


...don't toddler pants have knee pads sewn in? I have to go pee the minute I turn on the shower, even if I just went? I so tired before getting into bed, but the minute my head hits the pillow, I'm wide awake?

...does healthy food taste so blah, while fattening food tastes SOOO good?

...can't I find an exercise activity that I actually enjoy? I have doubt about every decision I make?

...does my daughter seem to have radar for the one thing in a room I don't want her to have? it no matter which lane you pick, it will be the slowest? Along those same lines... people go slow in the fast lane? it that even though I really want to hate her because she's too beautiful, super skinny, stole Jen's husband, and adopts kids like I buy new shoes, I actually kind of like Angelina Jolie? I keep buying the same three pairs of shoes over and over in various colors and materials?

...can't I find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly in the store AND fits after they've been washed? it every time I find the perfect pair of shoes for my daughter, they don't carry them in her eensy weensy size? I so blocked on a Christmas card theme? For that matter... I so lacking in holiday spirit this year?


  1. -I don't know on the toddler pants, but my 14 yr old son needs the knee pads.

    -because when your head hits the pillow that's the only time you have quiet enough to 'think'

    -pick the lane my husband is in, he'll get everyone out of your way

    -I like angelina too. Even though she stole Jens hubby. Poor Jen. How do you compete with someone like that?

  2. All excellent questions. Please follow up as life's questions get answered... especially the line one, always always ALWAYS the wrong one!

  3. OMG--all so true! Ecept the Xmas card pic idea--I did get that figured out! I'm not so much lacking in spirit as feeling overwhelmed and like I don't have enough time!!

  4. Questions for the ages. Do share when you get the answers...I could use a little help myself!!

  5. oh I wish I knew the answers for you. I wish...

  6. These are so true.

    And, I am with you on the BLAAAAAAH holiday spirit.

  7. Knee pads in toddler pants would be great. I also have the same malfunction about going to bed at night. I also tend to buy the same styles over and over, too.

    No Christmas card here either.

  8. Oh, I'm sooo with you on every single one of those!!! (and I don't have the answers either)

  9. I ask the same questions but I am not at all upset at AJ. Who knows the full story behind that - we'll never know.

    Christmas? Holidays? I haven't purchased one thing. 21 days till? Oh well!

  10. LOL...I totally agree with you on every single on of those!

  11. Why do I have so many promising ideas for blog posts that never get written?

    Thanks for all of your creative posts!

  12. Amen and ditto. Nothing else to add because I'm clueless.


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