Saturday, December 13, 2008

Candied Pecans are NOT for Amateurs

I had a lovely time at the moms get together yesterday. The host produced an amazing buffet of food including a honey glazed ham that was absolutely to. die. for. Sophie even ate some, which is saying A LOT. I brought a yummy green salad with pears, avocado and gorgonzola tossed in an olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing. It was supposed to have candied pecans on top, but I discovered too late that I have no knack for candying pecans. Two ruined batches and one burnt finger later, I decided that the salad would be just fine without them, thankyouverymuch.

The gift exchange was quite low key. In fact, the gifts were opened one at a time, spaced out over the course of the afternoon as the moms filtered in and out following their little one's nap schedule. I didn't open mine until just before I left. I got a delightful blanket (that's it on the right) that Sophie is just crazy about. She kept pulling it over her head. She has this thing lately with putting cloth items on her head and walking or running with it completely blocking her view. (Do all kids do this?) The other day, as Neil and I watched her in her crib on the monitor, she pulled her little lovey blanket over her head, stood up and charged full speed towards the other end of her crib. You wouldn't think she could get up much speed in such a short distance, but the impact that followed sounded exactly like she had managed to bust her way out of her crib. We both went running in expecting to find the crib in splinters and our daughter a mangled mess. She was completely fine, if somewhat dazed, and has continued with her blitzkrieg in other areas of the house.

In other news, I finally got the dag blasted card done. In the end, I was never able to get a usable picture of her with the lights, but a bajillion pictures later, I did get one that will work in a very different way. Note to self: one way to make sure the baby will stay away from the Christmas tree is to keep trying to force her to do something cute under/next to/with it. I'll post the finished product at a later date. I don't want to ruin the surprise for all of my real life peeps who will be receiving theirs in the mail soon. For my bloggy friends, if you want to receive your own original copy of this masterpiece*, email me (carawb at gmail dot com) your address and your copy will be in the mail tout de suite.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

*It is most certainly NOT a masterpiece, please drastically lower your expectations before you receive said card so you will be suitably impressed.


  1. Oh, candied pecans sound yummy! But I pretty much suck at cooking/baking anything

    Your blanket is really realllly cute! It's nice to get a gift you can actually use! And Sophie ate ham! WOW!

    I'll wait to see your I told you I'd send mine and never My stinkin printer is still STILL broken! After them overnighting me parts twice...they decided just to replace the printer. Kodak. UGHHHHH

    I'll post mine soon too. Same reasons. lol

  2. 1. Yes, all kids do that (cover their heads and walk into things, while we look on doing nothing but chuckle).

    2. I think I may just like a card ;-)

    3. CUTE BLANKET and I'm envious of the "Mom's" club. All my friends are single (with no kids), so its hard to find a mom's club!

  3. Have you ever seen the movie "Parenthood" with Steve Martin? There is a part where their 2 year old put a bucket on his head and repeatedly butts the wall. It is so funny! Yes...Summer is going through this faze too. She likes to put things around her neck too (god forbid!) I catch her with belts, scarves, shirts, blankets draped over her shoulders.

  4. I'm imaging the charging sophie and laughing.

    Please send the picture!

  5. Sounds like you had fun at the get-together--I'm jealous of the food! I have done my share of candies nuts and have ended up w/ burned ones a LOT!

    I can't wait to see your card pic--I'll email you!

  6. When a recipe calls for almonds or pine nuts to be "toasted," I stop right there because I cannot manage to pull it off without burning pricey nuts.

    I would love to be a part of any moms' group that would have me (or any book club or wine club or craft club or cooking club), particularly one that has gatherings that include glazed ham and salads with avocado and pears.

  7. Christmas pictures with toddlers are impossible. We struggled with the light picture last night. I would love to see the picture you took for your card!

  8. Candied pecans are hard to do--I always make Jeff do 'em for me (he's way better at all things culinary).

    Your salad sounds DEEElish!

  9. I am glad that you had a good time. Sorry about the finger. I think that I am going to have to get me one of those cards. ;)

  10. The blanket is cute. And yes running with things covering their eyes is a norm for toddlers. Remember last month when I posted a photo of Mekhi with a knot on his head? Same issue.
    I think I might like one of those cards.

  11. YES, all kids do this as mine likes to say mommy where are you as he walks around the house with the blanket on his head bumping intoverything!!


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