Monday, December 1, 2008



Following months of encouragement and three canisters* of offered puffs, the majority of which landed either on the floor or in her mother's stomach, Sophie Bean voluntarily ate a Beechnut Sweet Potato Puff on Saturday, November 29 at approximately 6:45pm. Although she has swallowed a few puffs when her mother or father surreptitiously tossed one in to her mouth as it gaped open for yawning, talking or smiling, she has never picked one up, placed it in her mouth, chewed and then swallowed it.

Sophie took this monumental step while her mother, father and great uncle Steve sat nearby eating a dinner of her mother's world famous** Thai Basil Shrimp over Coconut Rice. She followed up by further eating a handful of puffs while her audience clapped and cheered. She abandoned her pursuit when her urge to clap overcame her desire to partake of the light but flavorful treats.

*Roughly four thousand puffs.

**By "world famous" I mean that Neil really likes it.


  1. I've never seen this product. But it looks yummy! That Thai Basil Shrimp dish sounds awesome!!!!
    Congrats on the puffs!

  2. Sweet potato puffs? I'm not sure you could've gotten me to eat those...although those sweet potato chips are pretty good. Have you tried them? I suppose anything they turn into a chip or a puff has to be good, right?

    That shrimp dish sounds awesome! Can you send me some next time you make it? LOL


    This is monumental, I know.

    And I'm laughing over your description of the Thai Basil Shrimp..."Neil really likes it." Hilarious, Cara. I would like it, too...because I love Thai food. Which I can't find here in the country. But I digress...

  4. *cheers, clapping, cheers* Yeah!!!!!! What an accomplishment indeed.

  5. "She abandoned her pursuit when her urge to clap overcame her desire to partake of the light but flavorful treats."

    Made me laugh out loud :)

  6. Yay for the puffs! Pickle loved those and I'll admit I snuck some of the banana ones!

    Please post the recipe for your famous shrimp!!

  7. We are big fans of "puffies" around here too. Hopefully she'll REMEMBER that she likes them and KEEP stuffing them in her mouth! =)

  8. And just wait till she decides to try the Thai Basil Shrimp.
    What time's dinner at your house? I'm on my way over.

  9. Where is the recipe? Thai Basil shrimp sounds delicious. And Hooray for Sophie! Mekhi used to love puffs.

  10. Hey that's great! So what happened next time? DId she start freaking out when she saw the canister? DId she ignore the canister like she'd never seen the thing? What did she think???


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