Tuesday, October 14, 2008

365 Days

At exactly 10:17 am, 365* days ago today, a new life came in to being. After 32 hours and at least that many stitches, our girl had arrived. With one slow blink, she irreversibly wound her way into our hearts. Since that time, we've had ups and downs. And a LOT of messes. We've learned a little bit about parenting but mostly we've learned that everything we thought we knew, we didn't. What follows are just a few of the lessons we've learned in the last year:

- A naked baby is a cute, but dangerous thing.

- Babies, much like cats, love toilet paper.

- Babies will always pick the exact moment that you fall asleep to start crying.

- Never, EVER, wake a sleeping baby.

- A little bit of orange baby food can make a big mess.

- Favorite toys are those not intended to be: water bottles, empty boxes, coasters, etc.

- Babies can sleep through a marching band practicing across the street (true story), but one misplaced foot on the creaky stair brings them fully awake.

- Babies can puke more than seems possible and smile about it.

- Changing a diaper on a plane sucks. Big time.

- Babies have inhumanly strong hands.

- Babies love pooping in a freshly changed diaper.

- You really do forget about the pain of childbirth, but it takes a while.

- Just when you think you're starting to get the hang of things, they change.

- Cuddling a baby is just about the best thing in the whole world.

Happy Birthday, Sophie Bean!!

*Technically speaking, it was 366 days because 2008 was a leap year, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.


  1. Awwwww...happy birthday, peanut. She's getting so big!

  2. happy birthday sophie! I just read your birth story...you poor thing! I've given birth 6 times...first was natural, second a c-section and the next natural..but the next three, which were pitocin induced, I was allll about the epidural!

  3. Happy Birthday Sophie! Happy Birthday Mom!

    Loved the one about pooping in the fresh diaper! LOL!

    Have a wonderful day celebrating!

  4. Happy Birthday dear Sophie!
    I blogged about her...and you...today! Just so you know!

  5. Wow wow wow!!!! BIg day little Sophie Bean! Congratulations and happy birthday dear one!

  6. Happy happy birthday...to BOTH of you! (My mom always said that MOMS should get presents on their kids' birthdays!)

  7. Happy birthday Sophie! And I loved those. So true. Except the childbirth one. Almost nine years have passed and I still haven't forgotten that one!

  8. Happy Birthday to the Bean! I love your list--with a newish baby at home, it is all ringing really true for me!

  9. Happy Birthday to the Bean! I love your list--with a newish baby at home, it is all ringing really true for me!

  10. How did you ever live without her?

  11. Happy Birthday to Sophie and congratulations to you for surviving the first year! A big milestone, isn't it?

    And with regards to the birthing experience ... all I can say is planned c-section ... what a godsend :-)

  12. Happy Birthday to Sophie!! She is so cute and I LOVE her dress in that pic!!

  13. I just found your blog today. Happy birthday to your adorable little girl! She was born on my son's 1st birthday! =)

  14. Sophie means more to Mammon and Me (grandie) than you can possibly imagine. Thank you Cara and Neil for bringing her into our lives.

  15. Wow, happy birthday to the Bean! And happy birthday to you on becoming a mama. I love "With one slow blink, she irreversibly wound her way into our hearts." Best wishes....

  16. Happy late Birthday to your sweet little Sophie! She looks just like a little princess in this photo!!!

    (She shares my little brother's B-day!)

  17. Thanks for taking my tour of MA. Your Sophie is just adorable!

  18. I'm definitely late on this one...sorry! Just wanted to wish Sophie Bean a very Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  19. Awww - I can't believe I missed this post! Happy Birthday Sophie!!

    I giggled at your lifes lessons since kiddos. So true so true.

  20. A very belated "Happy Birthday" to Sophie! I have been so distracted lately, sorry I haven't said it earlier! I love all the lessons you mentioned. You have a good way of remembering the little details that "bring it all back".


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