Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Top Ten II

There are a lot of things I love about Halloween, it just might be my favorite holiday. Some people say its a dumb holiday to call your favorite, to them I say show me another holiday where you don't have to worry about family gatherings, you get to eat like a model on furlough and you can dress in whatever you feel like, no matter how bizarre. However, there are some things that drive me crazy:

1. Teenagers who work the neighborhood with no costume and a pillowcase. You can't slam the door on them, that is unless you prefer your car gets shoe polished.

2. Gaining five pounds because you ate all of your kid's candy. I mean, you can't throw it out. That would be wasteful.

3. Spending $6 to get in and then $2 for each tiny pumpkin at a "pumpkin patch" that is just a field where they threw out a bunch of pumpkins.

4. Finding the jack-o-lantern that took you two hours to carve splattered all over the street by neighborhood punks. (Do I sound like a cranky old lady? Who says punks?)

5. Seeing one of the signs on your neighbor's door that sex offenders in Maryland (MY STATE!) have to post.

6. Stores already have Christmas stuff up. Can't we just enjoy each holiday as it comes?

7. Spending four weekends sewing a costume for your kid and then have them be embarrassed because they don't have the latest one from Toys R' Us.

8. Parents who take their less than one year old baby out trick or treating. Yeah, that's all about the kid.

9. Spending $30 on candy and then having no kids come because they're working the townhouse community down the road.

10. The giant pimple that turns up on your chin because you ate all of the leftover candy that didn't get handed out.

What's your least favorite thing about Halloween?


  1. Amen!!! I am totally with you about the Christmas stuff already in the stores!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, how I so agree! esp. eating the kids candy and then ending up with a pimple.

  3. Ha!! u r so funny!!! hubby couldn't wait for our kids to be born so he could take them trick or treating....he took our daughter around when she was 3 MONTHS OLD ...who wanted the candy??? u tell me??!!

    I just always joke with the teens....I tell them if they have facial hair, then they're too old to trick or treat!! But I still give em candy....I'm not stupid!!!

    The only thing that bugs me about Halloween is the price of the cheezy costumes!!

  4. My least favorite part of Halloween is people wanting to scare you and/or wearing costumes with masks. No can do. Halloween is actually my least favorite holiday. I liked when I was particularly young but gave up Trick-or-Treating when I was 10, earlier than anyone else in our neighborhood. I haven't dressed up since.

  5. My Halloween annoyance is the same as yours...peeps, if you're gonna beg for candy, wear a freakin' costume. And for the love of pete, SAY THANK YOU!

    Since we are in the country, we don't have door-to-door trick-or-treating. (They do in town, of course--but not out where we live.) So we have to drive our girls from place to place. Is not sad? Dude, I had to work for my candy.

    I sound like I'm 63. Sigh...
    What is Sophie dressing as this year?

  6. This year, the thing I hate most about halloween is that when it's over, I'll be 40.

  7. I love Halloween too! I'd have to say your #1 is the one thing I hate most though. Never have had one of my pumpkins smashed. That would suck!

  8. So basically you're calling for age requirements, dress codes and candy consumption limits on Halloween festivities? A "T 'n' T regulator" if you will ...

    You should have been in charge of Wall Street ...

  9. i'm with you the weight I've already gained due to Halloween candy !

    Halloween is my daughter's favorite holiday.

  10. OMG Hysterical!
    1. I won't let my teens go out without a costume, that bugs the crap out of me too. Work for it!
    2. Punks? Oh, I say punks. Sometimes I just call them bastards.
    3. is it YOUR HOUSE that has to post the sign? Cuz that's sorta how your post reads! LOL
    4. I'd like to trash the stores that have their Christmas stuff up, it's stupid
    5. your #8, yes, agreed
    6. ahhhh, giant chin pimple. Can't wait to get started on that november surprise!

    LOL, great post!

  11. There are a lot of bars in Chicago which means a lot of costume parties (which can be fun and I don't necessarily hate) but that also means lots of sexy ____ (cops, nurses, cats, etc.) and guys dressed as pimps and other unoriginal things walking around drunk.

    Also, last year we almost hit some kids and their mom with our car as they were jay walking across a very busy street to get more candy. Gotta hate potential vehicular manslaughter.

  12. I second everything you said!

    I hate myself for eating an entire bag of mini Paydays...

  13. I think my least favorite thing is all the work that you put into it for a couple hours of trick or treating and then its onto Thanksgiving.

  14. Dude. We have punks too. I am 34, which I don't consider old and I call them punks because that's what they are. Sadly, I feel like when I was in high school I might have been punkish...

  15. That sex offender sign, ew! But how many of them do you really think bother to put them up? Hmm.

    Your list seems pretty complete -- I couldn't add anything!

  16. The weather. I hate that it is usually cold or rainy (or BOth!) on Halloween night. AND that parents STILL haven't figured out that Halloween is NOT the time for sleeveless outfits. Doh...

    I only buy suckers to give away. Nothing that I HATE, but nothing that I LOVE either. That way, I am not tempted to gorge myself right after Halloween (except for pilfering through my kids' buckets... Ahem.) Dum Dums are great. And we also grabbed a bag of mini Tootsie Pops. :)

  17. These just cracked me funny!
    -Sandy Toes

  18. Least favorite has got to be that even though we're not townhouses, we ARE that street that everyone comes to. From near and far. Last year our next door neighbors counted and they said we had 260+ that came around. Our street number only goes up to 196 and this is a street with at least half of the people retired and no kids living here! They come from the next town over because we're a safe place to be. I suppose it's not all bad, but the imported kids with only a pillowcase bug me!

  19. My least favorite thing about Halloween is that I don't get to go anymore!!


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