Monday, October 13, 2008

The Sixth Meme

I was tagged by Merecat for this interesting (and easy) meme.

So here are the instructions:
  • Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture. (I actually had to go down to the 6th picture in the 6th folder in the 6th folder in the 6th folder, because we have an elaborate picture cataloging system. It's not complicated at all. Right.)
  • Pray that you remember the details. (I didn't)
  • Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they've been tagged.

Taken in June of this past summer. Sophie was 8 months old. Sadly, I don't remember the exact details of this picture other than that it had been a busy day and I was very happy to see my little one conk out. Seriously, is there a prettier sight than a sleeping baby? I think not.

So, who am I tagging? Hmm. Hows about:






Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Or actually that you get a long weekend at all.


  1. Thank ye for the tag. I'll probably do this on Friday or so. I just hope the picture is appropriate. (Just kidding, I think all my pictures are appropriate, aside from a few personal showers I've been to...)

  2. That's a fun meme! Wow--she's so tiny in that pic--it's astounding to me how fast time flies!

  3. Adorable...especially with that head all cocked to the side. It amazed me that my girls would sleep that way for hours...

  4. Yeah, if I slept like that these days, I'd need a standing appointment with a chiropractor! LOL. Not a bad meme. Actually, it was better than I thought! Thanks

  5. Did you just change your background like a second ago? I thought I was lost! lol. BTW, like the new bean header!

  6. Sheila - Thanks! I changed it last week. I've never really been much for the pink and that bubble gum header and background I had before was starting to get on my nerves. Not 100% what I think of this one, but the good news is that I can change it any time I want. It definitely feels more appropriate for the season.

  7. Thanks for the tag--this looks like a fun one (and easy; and who doesn't love easy?!)

    BTW--thank you so much for your comment today. It really helps to hear that others have gone through similar situations and it had all worked out. I admit, I lose faith sometimes. I can't tell you how much the support from this crazy bloggy world has meant to me--thank you! :)

  8. A sleepydoo!

    No long weekend here.

    Like your new blog look!

  9. Why on earth have I not visited you before? I see you all over the place...clearly I have been missing out! I'll be back! =)

  10. Look at that beautiful baby head!!! So sweet!!

  11. Thanks for the TAG!! I'm trying to get around to DOING it!

    Of course I LOVE the picture of the Bean - she is so cute! But OW!


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