Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Top Ten

I've never had a weekly thing and I think it's time. Since I love lists, I present the LoB Friday Top Ten. My inaugaral post will be something near and dear to my heart: movies. I love movies: old ones, new ones, black and white, color, romance, comedy, sci-fi, suspense, action, drama, I love them all. I have an almost eidetic memory for movie scenes and lines, which that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee. So without further ado:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Movies:

1. The Princess Bride - Maybe the most quotable and quoted movie of all time. What girl hasn't longed for their Wesley to say "As you wish." My husband and I do Fezzig style rhymes pretty much every day, because we're just that kind of dorks. At least we're well matched.

2. Young Frankenstein - Mel Brooks is a genius. Gene Wilder was an incomparable comedian, absolutely perfect as Froderick Frankensteen. Putting on the Ritz will never sound the same again. As fabulous as YF is, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention other Mel Brooks masterpieces: Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part I and Spaceballs. Clevon Little, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Gregory Hines, Rick Moranis, John Candy. Just to name a few of the absolutely hilarious and wonderful actors he featured in his movies.

3. Sixteen Candles - Has anyone gotten teenagers since John Hughes? So funny, so poignant. Who didn't have a crush on Jake Ryan?

4. Star Wars - I was totally head over heels for Luke Skywalker at the tender age of 5. I had Star Wars sheets. Star Wars action figures. Star Wars space ships. You name it, I had it. I don't have a clear recollection of going to see the movie itself (I was only 3 when it came out), although I know I did, but I do remember waiting in blocks long lines with my family to see the Empire Strikes Back in 1980 and then the Return of the Jedi in 1983. I'm not sure I have ever been so excited to see a movie, before or since.

5. The Wizard of Oz - Hello. I'm from Kansas. Had a dog named Toto. Both my grandmothers were named Dorothy. Need I go on.

6. The Way We Were - Oh, Robert Redford. Oh, Barbara Streisand. I cry when I watch this movie. Every. Single. Time. "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell." *bawling*

7. Groundhog Day - Strangely when I first saw this movie, I didn't really like it. And yet, I have watched it over and over and over (Apropos, yes?). Where at first it made me sad, now it makes me optimistic. I heart Bill Murray. He has such a droll, sarcastic way about him.

8. The Big Chill - Perhaps one of the all time best soundtracks. A great ensemble film, there isn't a weak link in the bunch. It isn't often that you get a cast of such talented actors that play off of each other so well.

9. The Shawshank Redemption - How could you not love this movie? It's about anger, sadness, resignation, revenge, hope and, of course, redemption. Every time I watch it, I ask myself if I could crawl through 100 yards of a nasty, disgusting sewer pipe to attain my freedom. I don't know if I could. Could you?

10. Se7en - The only suspense/horror movie on my list. This movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It haunts me as few movies have. Each of the deadly sins, played out in horrific gruesomeness. Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were, quite simply, amazing.

So that's it. My top ten movies. What's your favorite?


  1. Great choices!!!!! And I collect movie soundtracks, so the inclusion here of The Big Chill is rocking my the movie, love the soundtrack. Yes, it IS one of the best ever. I cannot hear The Temptations' "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" without wanting to dance around my kitchen and dining room, clearing the table, loading the dishwasher. Classic!

    My Top 5:
    Gone With the Wind
    Meet Me In St. Louis
    Steel Magnolias
    The Goonies
    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    (I know that's 3, but it's really one long story so I'm not cheating!)

  2. GREAT Choices!

    Princess Bride would be one of mine, Steel Magnolias, and yes Groundhog wasn't one of my faves at first either but it really is a cute movie - it's a GOTTA watch if we see it on.

  3. I'm a big fan of The Shawshank Redemption and Se7en.

    My all time favorite: Braveheart ...."FREEEEEEEDOMMMMMM!"

    Good Fellas & Gladiator follow closely behind.

  4. Doctor Zhivago
    Sound of Music
    Gone With the Wind
    Wizard of Oz
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Dream Girls
    Little Women (old and newer)
    The Godfather
    Annie Get Your Gun
    *(Guilty Pleasure bonus) Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds..

    I like movies with great music themes also, not necessarily musicals but I love most kinds of music. I had more than ten....
    Gail B.

  5. Like all of your choices except the Big Chill and Seven. Not that they aren't good, but my husband MADE me watch the Big Chill TOO much and Seven is just too freaky for me to enjoy!

  6. I love those too, except I so wish I had never seen Se7en. I wish I didn't see/know about a lot that haunt me!

  7. I think Spaceballs is my favorite movie of all time. I could watch it over and over again.

  8. How fun! I love The Princess Bride,Harry Potter movies! Grease, Strictly ballroom...

    Good List!

  9. It's been a while since I saw a movie that wasn't animated or claymation, but here goes:

    1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    2. Dazed & Confused
    3. Animal House
    4. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    5. Home for the Holidays

  10. Those are some good ones! The order of my list changes around depending on my mood--but my top one are:
    1. Rosemary's Baby
    2. Silence of the Lambs
    3. It's a Wonderful Life
    4. The Remains of the Day
    5. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  11. OMG! With the exception of Wiz of OZ, Star Wars and Princess Bride, ALL of the others are in my ALL TIME favs! LOVE the Big Chill and Se7en! I never knew anyone else saw that!
    I'll add: Dances w/Wolves, Field of Dreams, Dirty Dancing (original), Rudy, Heaven Can Wait, The Brian Picalo Story.

  12. I don't know about all time favorites, but when someone asks me this question, the first thing that comes to mind is those old John Cusack movies, like "The Sure Thing" and "Better Off Dead." I had a gigantic crush on John Cusack. Still do.

    Also faves:
    A Beautiful Mind
    The SIxth Sense
    Life is Beautiful
    Pirates of the Carribean (all three)

  13. I loved Star Wars too and yes I remember the line-ups. We didn't get in the first night and I cried all night !

    I think I still have all of my action figures somewhere.

  14. Great movies! Especially Princess Bride and Star Wars. And I loved Seven in a "creep me out" way. There is the scene in it where Morgan Freeman walks through the library doing research and Air on the G string is playing by Bach. And because of that scene and the beauty of that music, I insisted on walking down the aisle to that piece of music when I married. My mom thought it was too depressing, but oh well... MY wedding! :)

  15. Several of the movies you included are favorites...there are a few I've never seen, so I'll have to check them out. Me & Hubby's song is "Storybook Love" from Princess Bride. Anybody want a peanut? ;p

  16. A couple on your list are favorites of mine as well--Sixteen Candles (Jake Ryan? Yeah!), Shawshank Redemption is one of my all time favorites, and I love Se7en too! Good choices.

  17. My first visit. I don't know how I found you, but I'm glad I did. Happy belated birthday to your precious little one. She's adorable. And I laughed at the "a little bit of orange baby food goes along way". You know it sister. Great taste in movies. I wish I had more time to watch them, but with three children, it is so hard to find the time.

  18. I had a HUGE crush on Jake Ryan, and was so excited by star wars when I saw it opening night (at age 5) that I left my brand new Jenny doll on the seat after we left. A girl at school and I would argue daily over who got to be princess Leah.

  19. I love movies too, but we clearly have different tastes. I saw Princess Bride when I was too young and was scared to death. I hade repressed the memory until I was watching it again (thinking I had never seen it before). I realized all too quickly why it was familiar and had to turn it off!

    Okay, so I do like Sixteen Candles, Star Wars, and the Wizard of Oz.

  20. yes yes and yes I think you name alot of movies that I love. thanks for checking up on me I will definately keep you posted!


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